freeze crash

  1. DarrenM

    Kernal_Task high CPU Mac Freezes completely Mojave

    Hi, my Hackintosh build works for max 2hours and then freezes, and I have worked out its because of a kernel task that goes crazy and slows my whole machine down and freezes it, then I have to do a hard restart. I've removed apps, updated Kexts, run Kext Utility etc. monitored it in Activity...
  2. hasibhalbert

    Hackintosh Mojave 10.14.6 Freeze when open App Store after Post Installation using Multibeast 11.3.0

    Hello, After install Mac OS X Mojave 10.14.6 Everything was perfect. When i installed Multibeast for clover boot loader and audio, network driver after restart my hackintosh freeze when open app store . rest of the things working great . Any help please ? Thanks in advanced. Here i selected...
  3. lightingmac

    Mojave Random Freezing

    Hi All, Problems I meet: This is my first hackintosh and recently I have had random freezing issues which interrupt all my works. This happens 1~2 times a day without any sign. Nothing can be done except a force reboot. error in system.logs as follows: Feb 27 11:47:10 iMac...
  4. God4Play

    Loading installation setup high sierra freezes

    The clover setup is frozen here. What Can I do?
  5. milindss

    [Solved] Random freeze, no traces or logs

    Dear All, I built my first hackintosh few months ago with following specs: Gigabyte z270x Ultra Gaming (Latest BIOS F8) i7700K Evga 1050ti SSC 4GB Primary Boot: Samsung EVO 850 256GB Secondary Drive : Seagate Barracuda 2TB RAM: Corsair Vengence LED 2x8GB Case: p400S tempered glass CPU...
  6. blackmailswitch

    Asrock x99m Extreme 4 FREEZE

    ok, just like said RehabMan, I upload Problem Reporting file for brave people that could illuminate me in this annoying problem... from time to time when I attach a usb drive system just hang, I think its usb fault.. thanks
  7. Metarex

    Different CustoMac Pro go black on high CPU/GPU load in Adobe Premiere Pro / Media Encoder

    So far we have built two systems (specifications below) and both of them are having the same issue. Running Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Adobe Media Encoder CC under heavy CPU and/or GPU load results in black screens or picture freezes. Sometimes after half an hour, sometimes already after two...
  8. Robertcsuk

    HELP! Hackintosh Randomly Freezes - Hardware Issue!

    Hello All, This is my very first PC build and it's only about 2 weeks old. I've begun experiencing random freezes. They can happen within seconds of startup or can occur after hours of use. The screen freezes without warning and peripherals no longer respond, however, the fans continue to...
  9. penrimainwaring

    Mac Deadlock/Freezes/Does not Respond.

    Hey tonymacx86s community. I've got a hackintosh and it works like a beast. Absolutely brilliant and flawless...well almost. I used to have Win10 installed and used it to play games. Whenever I played a game or put the PC under heavy load, the PC would freeze/deadlock just not respond. Caps...
  10. wtgserpant

    Nvidia GTX 970 on custoMac Pro crashes at high load

    Hi guys, I have built a custoMac pro using all the recommended parts and almost everything works well except when I put the build under heavy load. As things stand, OS X freezes when I run GPU heavy benchmarks or play game on high detail setting (I only play cities skyline, nothing crazy). I...
  11. Neeko

    My hackintosh freezes ...

    Hello everybody, First of all, thanks a lot for the support provided in this website, I did my first hackintosh 1 month ago. I was really lost and the topics helped me out a lot. Everything went well, but when I'm using too much ram (I think), the hackintosh freezes, and I can't do anything...