freeze apple logo

  1. bryanL

    Freezing on load screen when booting

    My computer started freezing on power-up. It goes through these first two screens just fine, like usual: But then it freezes on the third screen with the apple logo and progress bar: Normally at this screen, the progress bar will fill up halfway, and then OSX starts. But currently, it...
  2. Skygold58

    a515-51g-37Z4 install problem

    Hi, It's first time form me that using opencore to install Big sur on my laptptop, it's an acer a515-51g-37Z4 and i have used this repo : to create my efi folder i have add smbios (MacBookPro13,3) with GenSMBIOS. When i want to boot in the...
  3. Quizzez

    Stuck after 1st Boot at the Apple logo with full progressbar

    Hey guys, I'm building my 1st hackintosh and I got a Problem while booting the Installer USB-Stick on my laptop After I click"Boot macOS Install from install macOS Catalina". The apple logo appears and the progressbar is loading, after the progressbar is full loaded it freezes and doesnt go...
  4. randombrain

    << Solved >> Catalina freeze/hang mid-line on boot

    Installed Catalina 10.15.3 yesterday, worked fine once I went in and did the SSDT-EC fix. Today when I try to boot, the system gets as far as loading macOS—it gets to the Apple logo and progress bar—and freezes. The progress bar does not fill in even the slightest. In verbose mode, it does not...
  5. Hobblestone

    Freezes when loading installer

    HP ENVY X360 15-u011dx i7-4510U intel HD Graphics 4400 intel Dual Band wireless-AC 7260 Created USB drive with Sierra and attempted to start install. Freezes on boot, i restarted in Verbose mode and got whats shown in the pic. Any suggestions?
  6. negarth

    Hackintosh freezes at beginning of progress bar (Clover -> Sierra)

    Hi there, I hope I am right with the topic in this thread. I am just building my first Hackintosh and having problems with starting via clover. I am always stuck just at the beginning of the progress bar below the apple. I want to install MacOs Sierra with Clover from an Lexar 128 GB USB drive...
  7. danielegio02

    Loading freezed when i start Installation from Clover Boot Loader (Freeze apple logo)

    When i launch the installation of Sierra from my USB the monitor freezes and the computer doesen't load the installation. It doesen't continue and it freezes like this photo (freeze apple logo) I try to add the commands npci=0x2000 ; npci=0x3000 ; rootless=0 ; drv-kext-mode=1 ; -x ; -v ; dart=0...
  8. iNeed-Downloads

    Can't Install OS X El Capitan

    Problem When I try to install OS X El Capitan, I always get stuck on the apple logo. The progress bar shows up, but no progress is being made. The bar just stays gray and the white never appears. Any help will be greatly appreciated as this is my first time trying a hackintosh. When I run it in...
  9. bep42

    Freeze on Apple logo load bar OSX El Capitan

    Hey guys, perhaps this issue is already on the forum so excuse me for that. I'm a very newbie in the mackintosh world. I've followed this awesome tutorial but i'm stock at the step 25. The OS X installer interface never loaded. Here is my configuration : Intel Skylake i7-6700K 4.0 GHz 8Mo...
  10. RBrNx277

    Freeze on Apple Logo after boot0 error fix

    Hi there, recently built a Hackintosh and followed the iBoot + Multibeast tutorial to install Snow Leopard. Once this was installed I realised I was getting the famous boot0 error when trying to boot from the Hard Drive. I followed this guide to fix the boot0 error, and it worked! Until I...