1. mediarec

    Final Cut Freezes

    Recently, I just update my hackintosh to 10.13.6. The problem is that, when I am using Final Cut Pro X (10.4.1 / 10.4.2 and 10.4.3) the system (randomly) freeze and I can not use it anymore. The system specs are: CPU: Intel Core i7 6700k GPU: AMD Radeon RX580 (Asus manufacturer) MOBO: Gigabyte...
  2. yveno76

    El Capitain 10.11.6 login screen Reboot loop - Clover

    Hey Guys, My Hackintosh Keeps Rebooting Every times it Gets to The Login Screen It Freezes After i Put My Login Info And Restarts Sometimes It just Works For Weeks with No Problem Safe Mode works Fine My Windows 10 Works Just Fine Please Help Thank You in Advance Hardware: Motherboard...
  3. dhisnotnull

    HD3000 artifacts + random freeze after upgrading to High Sierra

    After upgrading to HS artifacts would show up after some period of time and occasionally i'll get screen freeze and the only way to fix it is to reset. I've various configuration removing the connector patch and Inject Intel but to no avail. This configuration previously worked fine in Sierra...
  4. XylexRayne

    Sierra Installer Freezes

    Greetings! Ive been wanting to build a hackintosh and have tried several times, with several different hardware builds since 2010; All with radically varying results. This time I feel like Ive gotten further than ever before using this thread. My hardware is nearly Identical to the setup in...
  5. monneym

    [SOLVED] Samsung Evo 960 Pro m.2 causes Mac to freeze when sleeping

    I used RehabMan installation guide (HackrNVMeFamily) to install Samsung 960 Evo Pro m.2 drive with no problem. Drive was seen and I carbon copied Sierra 12.5 on it, booting, working with no issues. However, when I leave the system for a long time, say during the night, the computer freezes and...
  6. Budspencer1989

    El Capitan install stuck on empty Apple bar on HP DV8

    So this is my first hackintosh and when the capitan starts install the system the screen stuck on an empty Apple loading bar and not doing anything doesn't matter how long I wait . I have a hp dv8 laptop Intel i7 Nvidia Gt 230 8gb ram with 2pcs 480gb thoshiba ssd inside . And a...
  7. nimonster

    Stuck on apple logo loading, -v image included

    Just pressed usb and it froze at lile 1/5 of the apple logo loading thing I did -v as well and this is the screen it froze at: Specs (all on customac list): i5 4690k Asrock z97x fatal1ty gtx 970