1. blob810

    Asus Prime Z390-P Disable Power LED flashing while in Sleep

    Hello, I just upgraded my Motherboard from a Gigabyte to an Asus Prime Z390-P. I noticed when I put my Hackintosh to sleep that the power LED on my Case is flashing, like the old MacBooks. On the Gigabyte Motherboard the LED was completely off. How can I switch the Power LED off on the Asus...
  2. pl2k

    New EVGA 1050TI SSC 4GB installed on El Capitan - not recognised, flashing cursor

    Hi All, I have been a long time hackintosh user but a noob to the forums and hackintosh in general. I don't usually update my system due to concerns about stability. Anyway, my old bfg nvida 8800gtx graphics card decided to stop working after 10 years so I replaced it with an EVGA 1050TI SSC...
  3. KatVonSonder

    OSX Date&Time BLACK Glitch discovered (NOT the "black menu bar glitch")

    Hello everybody, I tried to find out if someone else in this Forum already talked about it, but I couldn't, even after waiting and looking for for a few months. If I'm wrong, I really really apologize!! In that case, just delete this thread and show me the right one. The "Date&Time BLACK...
  4. JamesHuston

    All Bootloaders installed on OSX partition stuck on flashing cursor

    Hi all. I am unable to install any bootloader on my laptop hard disk. It's a 320GB HDD, partitioned into 3: System Reserved, Win7 disk and Mavericks. In the past, I installed Chimera on the then Lion or ML, and was stuck on "Boot0: Done". Recently I installed Mavericks with Unibeast, and...
  5. janetdrscott

    Problems flashing/installing Unibeast Z77A-G45

    Hi everyone, this is my build: MSI Z77A-G45 i7 3770k GTX680 16GB RAM 1TB HDD 750w PSU I'm having some problems flashing my motherboard via the BIOS in M-Flash using http://biosrepo.wordpress.com/msi/ on a FAT 32 USB, I received a black screen that said "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or...