1. nicholas2806

    ProBook LJ521ut Graphic Glitches Still !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Hp ProBook Owners, As You can see by the title is have a lj521ut i7 w/ Radeon built in graphics card. after installing the latest HP Installer w/ Graphics FIX once in awhile my screen has horrible graphic issues. to the point i cant even see anything. after i restart my machine its fine...
  2. thatoneazn

    ML won't boot after multibeast 5.1.2 install

    EDIT: WORKING ML won't boot after multibeast 5.1.2 install This is my first build and I've got 10.8.2 ML installed and the only way i can boot into it is with -x bootflag. I've run multibeast 5.1.2 with these settings: After the installation was complete, i restarted and i get this screen...
  3. flatfeet

    Update to 10.7.5, no usb 3. How to fix??

    Hi, I have updated to 10.7.5, but i have no usb 3 support. Does anyone know's how to fix this??
  4. tombosch

    Only able to boot with -x flag after App Store fix

    After updating to 10.8.2. my App Store/iMessage won't open. I fixed it to paste the Ethernet hex to boot.plist but now I only be able to boot with -x. My boot.plist: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN"...
  5. MozeQQ

    GA-Z68XP-UD3 UEFI u1g built-in audio fix

    I found couple threads about Z68XP-UD3 sound not working after bios update to u1g UEFI. So I wanted to share how I made it work. First i restored AppleHDA.kext to original OS X 10.8.0 kext. Then installed "Patched AppleHDA > ALC889" and "Non-DSDT HDAEnabler > ALC889" kexts, with MultiBeast...
  6. kalub92

    eBay USB Bluetooth Adapter (CSR) not working... Help?

    I recently bought this USB Bluetooth adapter from eBay...
  7. coolcorey1

    Fixed my 550 ti

    550 Ti problems For anyone getting a white screen and a cusor then the dreaded beachball after installing With the 550 ti boot with -X and delete ati6000 and ati frame buffer in extensions make a backup of the (just in case) REPAIR PERMISSIONS WITH KEXTBEAST! Reboot!!!!! Dont know why...