firmware update

  1. eq85

    [SOLVED] H77M chipset - keeps restarting after macOS install screen reboot / one problem after another.

    I've been having all sorts of problems, having fixed one yet introduces another upon each and every fresh install attempt (hard drives not recognised, then stuck on partition map, then missing firmware partition, then circle / slash error, then macOS install failed, then error when updating...
  2. RandomNumber

    How does one get past Mojave firmware requirement?

    Two related questions: How do we get around that firmware requirement to install Mojave? How does one generate a 2012 (instead of 2010) Mac Pro 5,1 SIMBIOS? I have been using a 2010 Mac Pro 5,1 SIMBIOS since building my system in 2010. It has been rock solid for the most part and updates have...
  3. kingseamus

    Audio Drop Out -- Trying to Find Culprit in Logs

    [Mac Pro 5,1, 10.12.6] For months now, my audio interface (Apogee Duet 2, USB-powered) seemingly randomly cuts out, causing my speakers to pop loudly, then power cycles indefinitely. These drop-outs are not obviously tied to any activity on my Mac--it could happen when I'm checking email on...
  4. diavulo

    Older Apple Bluetooth modules firmware

    After spilling coffe on my wired keyboard for the x's time she died. Having an apple bluetooth keyboard and a magic trackpad lying in the dust I decided to add an old native bluetooth (from a 2008 iMac) to my rig...
  5. wstrohm

    Firmware Upgrade of Samsung 840 EVO on a Hackintosh?

    The two Samsung 840 EVO SSDs in my Mini-ITX Hackintosh presently have firmware version EXT0BB6Q, same as when purchased. For some time, Samsung has provided an update (EXT0DB6Q) which purports to prevent a performance degradation of this model (i.e. provides a "performance restoration" for the...