1. gabevf

    Finder Sidebar Drive Icons Show as Gray Circles

    The title says it all. Relaunching Finder fixes it for a few seconds, then it goes right back to the circles. Did some googling, but no solutions... Any ideas??
  2. Nodarkthings

    Mojave (and above?) Root user Finder issues

    Hi! I've managed to have 10.14.6 working on my Z68 mobo, using Unibeast but I can't move/copy/paste/delete files under the Root user. I generally prefer using Root user for dealing with kexts in particular, so not to mess up permissions and not to have to enter a password every 5s, and it has...
  3. Renx

    Terminal And Finder do not open

    Hello Friends: I've been using Mojave hackintosh without problems a year ago, but now i can't open Terminal and Finder. Is there any way to restore my osx or fix this problems? Thanks.
  4. idontevenexercise

    << Solved >> Hackintosh After 1yr: Struggling w/ System Instability

    This community has been so helpful to me in the past, so I'm hoping that someone can come to my rescue again. I've been using my hackintosh as my main machine for at least a year, and for the most part I've been very pleased with it. However, I've noticed in the last few months or so, the...
  5. tabarus

    [Solved] No Icon Preview for Images

    Hi, I no longer get Thumbnails of Images shown oin teh finder even tho I enabled show icon preview. First time i noticed that issue was yesterday (Mojave 10.14.0), today I updated to 10.14.1 but I still just the generic icons Any idea how to fix ?
  6. z553993920

    Got stuck at login(10.13)

    Everything works fine as always.But after waking up, my hacintosh has no sound. So I reboot it as always(the most effective and simple way to solve this problem). Since then, everything goes wrong. At first, I can log in to desktop but nothing respond, so I restart Finder, but useless. Then, I...
  7. chuchutta

    [Solved] USB HDDs not showing up in Finder or Disk Utility (High Sierra)

    I have tried 2 USB HDDs with the High Sierra update. Neither show up. Both formatted in HFS+ format. Some of the posts i have read state that I need to convert it to apples new format with Disk Utilities. The only problem is, is that when I click on "Show All", all that shows is "Internal". No...
  8. TimDrucker

    USB 3.0 External Hard Drives not found in Finder/DU [Z170XP-SLI, 6700k]

    Hi there, I've recently finished my first Hackintosh build and I am having an issue getting my external hard drives to show up in Finder and Disk Utility. From posts I've read of people having similar problems to me, the common solution is to change XCHI Mode in the BIOS of the motherboard...
  9. qe3

    [Solved] Finder Sidebar Icons Missing in High Sierra

    I'm on 10.13.2 and have no idea what I did to make this happen. So far I've tried deleting caches and recreating the finder prefs with no success. Any thoughts? Edit: please disregard/delete this thread. I made a very simple, elementary error. Thanks.
  10. Fory360

    iconservicesagent Crashes and uses all RAM and SwapSpace

    Hi, I install clean high sierra on SSD, the iconservicesagent keeps on bogging down the system while eating up all the memory in a few seconds and then filling up my OS drive (an SSD) with swap space. I can force quit it in Activity Monitor, and I need to do it several times, before I can use my...
  11. viperouge

    Updated to High Sierra - Finder is Dead

    Hi guys, I just updated to high sierra (without converting my SSD to APFS) following the guide and everything looks good except the finder doesnt work anymore. When I open a folder it doesn't work, spinning wheel and finder not responding. If I force quit it/relaunch it nothing happens...
  12. OhellHD

    macOS 10.13 GTX 970 Finder displays only 2048MB VRAM

    Hi, after I updated to High Sierra the Finder displays only 2048MB VRAM but my graphics card (GTX 970) has 4096MB VRAM. Is this just a displaying bug or is my system not recognizing the additional 2GB of VRAM. I have the latest CUDA driver and Nvidia Driver installed. Anyone who has the same...
  13. 1RandomNickname

    Files damaged after copying

    Hello everyone, in my latest installation I have a problem copying files. Let's say I copy 5 files from my OS X HDD to another internal ExFat HDD. This worked without problems on my last installation. Now I sometimes get damaged files after copying, which OS X doesn't want to open (suggests me...
  14. pbryanw

    [Guide] How to show hidden files in finder, without using Apps or Terminal

    EDIT 28.01.2018: Starting with macOS Sierra, the method below is now deprecated, as the keyboard shortcut Cmd+Shift+Period now works natively in Finder (thanks to @jpz4085 in the comments). I will leave this guide up for those using older versions of macOS, or for others who are unable to get...
  15. EverythingIsRed

    [solved] Enabling Transparency for 'Older Mac'

    macOS Sierra on my laptop doesn't have the translucent dock or notification center like other devices. It's probably because of the older hardware. Is there any way I can enable translucency? (1: current dock, 2: expected dock)
  16. iNeed-Downloads

    Finder Not Responding

    Problem Sometimes when I right click in Finder or on the desktop the colorful spinning wheel pops up and Finder stops responding. I can't recreate the issue, sometimes it happens, other times it does not. I have no idea what's causing it and I have not been able to find any solutions after...
  17. Identkit

    X99 Yosemite reboots only when I move/delete files on Finder

    Hello team, I created and installed my build a while ago and I'm using it for around 10 months now. I followed the Clover proceedings and the guides spreaded around the forum and was able to install Yosemite without any big trouble. After, 2 months or so, I noticed random reboots were...
  18. c.pappas

    Internal HDD shows in Disk Utility but not Finder

    Hey everyone, Hoping to find a solution to this weird problem. I have a 2tb internal hdd that has worked great for about 10 days and I have read and wrote to and from it just fine. Today I turned my computer on and it acts as if its just not there. I have troubleshooted to the best of my...
  19. anjszulc

    Problem with Finder after installation Adobe Premiere CS6 + Adobe Encore CS6

    Dear All, i have the problem with my CustoMac. I use my mac for edit and have installed Adobe CC. Yesterday i was need Encore witch is in adobe premiere CS6 pack. I install Adobe CS6 and Encore. After fiew hours - i turn off mac. Now when I open my Mac, i have strange artefact in...
  20. Summer-Breeze

    Change Finder Device Icon

    Hi. How can I change the iMac icon in the Finder sidebar to a MacPro? I'm using Clover with SMBIOS MacPro3,1.