final cut pro

  1. vinayakbagaria

    No hardware acceleration no matter what!! HELP!

    Hey guys NEED your help very badly. I installed a working high sierra hackintosh and edited the video in fcpx fighting thorough all the glitches and system freezes but now I am not able to export the file in h.264 format no matter what i tried all the solution listed here lilu.kext or...
  2. serpork

    100% cpu usage on final cut

    Hello, my hardware - cpu g4400 - motherboard b150-m - gtx 750ti - 8gb ram - mac os sierra 10.12.5 i have extremely CPU usage on final cut on 5 min video. Can it be wrong clover config?
  3. Sumocomputers

    Final Cut Pro X Export Fails with "Master File" error after just a few seconds

    I am having issues exporting with Final Cut Pro 10.4.4 & Mojave 10.14.2. I always get the message: The Share Operation "Master File: Video_Filename.mp4" has failed, just a few seconds after the export starts (screenshot). I have tried exporting "Computer" aka h.264 to 4K & 1080P, with better...
  4. bots9391

    Kernel Panic SHUTDOWN during FCP (Final Cut) "Share" write

    My computer suddenly restarts due to kernel panic every time I try to write/share video in Final Cut Pro and iMovie. Any ideas? I saw this post: but I'm not sure if it applies to me or how to change my filesystem...
  5. clarkdv

    H61N-USB3-Upgrade CPU or GPU?

    I have a Gigabyte H61N-USB3 Hackintosh running Sierra on a i3 CPU with 8GB RAM. It runs just fine and does most everything I want it to do, however, I'm doing more and more small Final Cut Pro X projects on it and rendering and exporting are a bit slow. I currently have NO separate GPU card and...
  6. mediarec

    Final Cut Freezes

    Recently, I just update my hackintosh to 10.13.6. The problem is that, when I am using Final Cut Pro X (10.4.1 / 10.4.2 and 10.4.3) the system (randomly) freeze and I can not use it anymore. The system specs are: CPU: Intel Core i7 6700k GPU: AMD Radeon RX580 (Asus manufacturer) MOBO: Gigabyte...
  7. brianwong11031

    Need help with Graphics.

    I updated my desktop Hackintosh to Mojave Public Beta Version and installed Nvidia webdriver via But “Graphics configuration not supported” pops up when I try to open Final Cut Pro. Is this a problem with graphics driver? Thanks for your help. Brian
  8. JvD93

    need help. want to run Logic PRO X & Final Cut Pro.

    Hello everyone. I'm new here, can anybody help me? I want to build a multimedia PC where I can run OS High Sierra but also Windows 10 (I have a swap case in my Big Tower so the systems will be on separate disks) I want to be able to run Logic PRO X and Final Cut Pro smooth and stable on this...
  9. Gustavodrn

    1st Build - Hardware questions for FCPX video editor

    Hello guys, I'm going to buy this parts for my first Hackintosh and I would like to know if everything should work properly this way. Here's the list of parts: CPU: Intel Cpu i7-8700K 3.7GHZ LGA 1151G8 12MB CPU Cooler: Cooler Corsair H100I V2 Hydro Series SP120L/2435 RPM Motherboard...
  10. TimKappel6

    Need Help On First Time Build

    I am very new to this Hackintosh idea but very excited to try it out. I figure the worst that happens is I just convert my build to a nice PC. I've used PC's my whole life but I am wanting to get into video editing. I tried final cut pro on a buddy's computer and really liked how everything...
  11. Azial

    Greenish artifacts in FCP

    Hi, after the recent updates to 10.13.2 and Final Cut Pro 10.4, rendered videos or optimized converted media become just a bunch of greenish pixel mud! I was trying to use DaVinci Resolve, but it crashes always when viewing clips upon import. Also, Safari causes the system to completely...
  12. swift1013

    NVIDIA Driver Manager / Downloading Final Cut Pro

    So I have just got my Custo Mac Pro all finished and High Sierra installed. I tried to download Final Cut Pro and it told me that "Your Computer's Video Card Does Not Meet Minimum System Requirements." I searched and found out about how to update the NVIDIA graphics drivers. Did that, but now it...
  13. kavlos

    RX 580 Slow Boot

    I am running on RX 580 after switching from GTX 1070. I noticed that booting takes about 1.5 mins, which is a bit slow (once I enable the iGPU in Bios). The reason why I enabled iGPU is that rendering with that option is MUCH faster. To speed the booting, I can enable disablegfxfirmware but...
  14. bryner

    nVidia, Metal 2 and Final Cut Pro

    I know FCP was works much better with AMD (and some outdated nVidia cards) but does Metal 2 and the added support for eGPUs open up the doors for better nVidia / FCP synergy? I currently have a 1070 and have noticed that I can't preview / playback some generators in FCP without having a...
  15. gatesweeney

    Final Cut Pro 10.x crashing every time

    Any time I attempt to load a project the app crashes with no sign of an error code. This problem seems to have come up since I installed my RX480 Here's my configuration: gpu RX480 cpu 6700K mobo GAZ170m SIP is disabled No NVIDIA Drivers left (former GPU) Here is the only message from...
  16. CesarV

    Fixing my Vaio Fit 15E. (Can't get my Intel HD Graphics 4400 to work properly.)

    I have a few days trying to get my Vaio Fit 15E to work with Mac Sierra. This is my first Hackintosh. My laptop specifications are as shown in my profile. At this time, I have 10.12.3 and I boot with multi-beast. My problem can be resume to this: I want this computer to run Final Cut, when I...
  17. Jacob.Pounds

    Final Cut Pro not working

    Hello I can't get Final cut pro to work, I get the 'Your computers video card does not meet the minimum requirments', I have checked and my graphics card is supported? If anyone could help that would be great!
  18. freshoil

    Help! First crash after 2 years of smooth sailing

    After 2 years of no crashes or bugs, I updated Final Cut Pro and now my computer won't start. Please advise on what to do... thank you. OS: Yosemite Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD7 TH Processor: Core i7-4790k Devils Canyon quad
  19. Meekul

    Best GPU for Final Cut Pro?

    Hi There, I am planning on building a Hackintosh which will be used mainly for editing on Final Cut Pro and I'm wondering which GPU will be best for me. I will be editing in 4k, and I'm looking for the great overall preformance. I will also be dual booting the computer to run Windows for gaming...
  20. kkdart

    Graphics Test: Bruce X

    In order to help users who plan on using Final Cut Pro X (FCP) to edit video, this is a benchmark that has been designed to test your GPU and because FCP is Open CL based it should preference AMD cards over Nvidia. So here are the instructions: Step 1 Download the XML file Step 2 Open...