final cut pro x

  1. ThatOneGuy55

    Final Cut Pro on Hackintosh

    I am interested in building a hackintosh to save money on my next workstation. I have noticed that AMD cards are not listed on the buyers guide even though nvidia GTX cards are not as suitable for FCPX in specific. Are there any major hurtles in making an AMD card work? Also, I want my render...
  2. kkdart

    Graphics Test: Bruce X

    In order to help users who plan on using Final Cut Pro X (FCP) to edit video, this is a benchmark that has been designed to test your GPU and because FCP is Open CL based it should preference AMD cards over Nvidia. So here are the instructions: Step 1 Download the XML file Step 2 Open...
  3. trexjames

    Configure Correct SMBIOS

    I have a problem with my hackintosh when I leave it standing unattended for a short while (10-15minutes). If I come back to my machine it is a bit stuttery and takes about 30 seconds until it runs smoothly. I have "computer sleep" switched to never and my screen display turns off after 30...
  4. mkozlowski1

    GTX 1070 Video Decoding/Encoding issue with Video Footage

    Hello all, I have invested into the hackintosh world to speed up my video editing process however I have now run into an issue with my footage becoming scrambled/distorted at certain points in the footage, I have been told it is most likely an issue with the GPU (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070). Is...
  5. Gorlumoire

    Semi-pro Audio/video workstation for Logic pro x and Premiere/Final cut pro x

    Hi guys! I´m planning to build a new Hackintosh workstation for use with logic pro x and premiere/Final cut pro x. Been building a couple of pc´s a few years ago, but a lot has changed since then and i feel like a noob when it comes to specs now. ESPECIALLY when it comes to GPU´s... So i...
  6. oli.mathieu

    Final Cut Pro X 10.3 and Dual NVIDIA GPU : Jerky H264 playback

    Since I've Add a second identical NVIDIA GPU to my system I also change my SmBIOS ➧ MacPro 6.1 + AGDPFix The H264 files playback is really jerky I remove the seconde GPU and don't touch the SmBIOS, everything back to normal Any clues, suggestions ? Thanks in advance
  7. skylerlive

    Intel HD 4600 issue on Sierra 10.12.4

    Hello guys. I updated to Sierra 10.12.4 and get some issue with the Color Finale plugin in FCPX. Instead to show the video preview all I have is this black screen. I've been updating OSX since El Capitan and this is the first time some problem happened. Can you help me? Thanks!
  8. Acden

    Help me with the best motherboard for i7-6700, please.

    After years with problems on MacPro 3.1, MacBook pro on i7!!!!! Finally, some days ago, I decided to try to make Hacintosh ((( (I love my Mac Pro tower... I like how it looks like on my desktop, I like to show my clients original Mac Pro server ))) And it was difficult decision... It will be...
  9. trampoboss

    GTX 980 Ti OpenCL Problem Yosemite

    Hello, I'm running on yosemite 10.10.5 with an i7 5960X a GTX 980 Ti and I have very low results with Final Cut Pro X export. Seems that OpenCL is not active on my graphic card. Can someone help me ?
  10. ZCUT

    Hackintosh restarts while using Final Cut Pro X

    So I am currently working on a major film. During the first editing session, my 4790K-GTX970 hackintosh restarts randomly while in Final Cut Pro X and the third time it crashed, my project was lost. I'm wondering if this is a glitch in Final Cut Pro X or a power issue I have never had this issue...
  11. oli.mathieu

    Final Cut Pro X & Resolve

    Hello I mainly Use two softwares with are technically opposites Final cut Pro wich is OpenCl and Use GPU where the monitor is plugged Resolve wich is CUDA and best Use A GPU with no monitor pluged-in My Rig : CPU i7 à 4 Ghz RAM 24 Go @ 2800 Mhz Mobo Asus Z170-Pro GPUs Intel HD 530 & GTX 780Ti...
  12. FlorisHack

    Final cut pro ready?

    Hello Community of Tonymacx86, I'm 15 years old and want to make a powerfull machine that can handel, video editing, school work and a bit of gaming. So my question is, Is this a good build? And will Final Cut Pro run? Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 5 cpu: Core i7-6700K gpu: Evga...
  13. dkontis

    Lean Mean editing machine for Final Cut Pro X?

    I am about to built an system for video editing on Final Cut Pro X for a client and we need maximum performance and at least 2 monitors and a SDI video output for monitoring. I was thinking about these parts. 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2660 SR0GZ (around 120€ used from ebay, both without heatsink)...
  14. ricky7

    [SUCCESS] “Hac Pro” Asus Sabertooth mark II, i7 4790k, xfx AMD 280x

    [SUCCESS] “Hac Pro” Asus z97 Sabertooth mark II, i7 4790k, xfx AMD 280x ricky7's Build: Asus Z97 Sabertooth Mark II - i7-4790K - XFX R9 280X Components Asus Z97 Sabertooth Mark II USB 3.1 Motherboard Intel Core i7-4790K Processor XFX Double Dissipation AMD 280X Boost Graphics Card Fenvi...
  15. isaactennisrf

    Would this be a high End gaming/video editing System? (1440p)

    Hi everyone, I was just researching the "hackintosh" computers and I am really curious if the following build would work for running one. (Windows and mac installed on one computer) This build is the one that I was thinking of ordering online, and I want to know if I could install mac on it. (I...
  16. Agnoslibertine

    for final cut pro x? ( r290x or gtx970)

    so i plan to build a editing machine, main use final cut pro x. I want to be able to edit 4k videos. Im editing shorter 4K videos on my macbook 13 (retina). And it works pretty good. but the export could be faster, and editing could be more fluid. At first I have been looking into GTX760...
  17. richcamp

    Starter Questions on Build?

    I have built a few hackintoshes before but never got too deep. Just stuck with the main builds. I was curious, about the difference between ATX and mATX? Could I build an ATX mobo build in a mATX case? Would it fit a big graphics card? Could I use an mATX or ITX mobo build or would there be a...
  18. bbqthis

    FCP X Issue and Problems with Safe Boot

    When I was with 10.9.5, everything worked perfectly. With the update to 10.10, I've had many audio and USB problems that I've all but resolved, but here is what's left. My build: gigabyte z77-ds3h i5-3570 nvidia gtx 650 1 gb 8gb RAM First issue is booting in safe mode. Whenever I try to, it...
  19. eriksmalls

    Final Cut Pro X Crashing from almost everything.... :(

    Hello Everyone! Been running my Hack Pro since April and most of the time I'm loving it... As for the last month or so I have been contemplating reformatting to windows (terrible I know..) because of the constant issues with Final Cut Pro X. For a while my hack pro was freezing randomly and...
  20. swaproot

    Final Cut Pro X & the graphics card

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me whether or not, can a Final Cut Pro X fully use the potential of a high end graphics card? I am planning to buy a 4.1 Mac Pro and put AMD 7970 (because of its OpenCL performance) in it, but I don't want to overspend $$$ if the processor...