final cut pro hackintosh

  1. JazzJazz

    Final Cut Pro crashing, GPU acting up (Radeon Vega 64 Frontier Edition)

    Hi all, I recently built a Hackintosh for my work as a video editor, but have had trouble running Final Cut Pro (Version 10.5). When I open up the software, it immediately starts screaming with fans on an extreme high. The 2-3 times I've tried editing with FCP, it consistently crashes the...
  2. dereklin2110

    compatibility in Final Cut Pro without IGPU

    I want to buy a pc with Hackintosh. I saw some advice. I saw some website said that if you want to make Final Cut Pro/ Adobe software perfect, You must buy a cpu that have IGPU inside (E.g 9900k) But i also see that can use cpu that no IGPU inside when using 5700xt. Which one is correct? I want...
  3. bots9391

    Kernel Panic SHUTDOWN during FCP (Final Cut) "Share" write

    My computer suddenly restarts due to kernel panic every time I try to write/share video in Final Cut Pro and iMovie. Any ideas? I saw this post: but I'm not sure if it applies to me or how to change my filesystem...
  4. mattman

    RX 890 // i7 7700K Video Editing FCP

    I'm needing a fully working hackintosh that can use iCloud, i'm okay if i have problems like i've heard users have with AMD, I can get a 6700K for $300 or a 7700k for $300 i'd rather go with the 7700k and overclock it but I need to know if it can work, i've seen a few youtube videos of people...
  5. tarbax

    Laptop for 4k editing with FCPX

    i am looking for a Lenovo Y50-70 i know it wont handle 4k native i would use a proxy. but im seeing multiple versions of cpu and gpu option1: i5/ 8GB / 256GB SSD / 15.6" FHD / Geforce GTX960M 2GB option2: i7/16GB/256GB SSD / 15.6" FHD or UHD / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M 4GB option3: mac mini ...