1. B.tim

    Cant enable Filevault (Says "Incorrect password")

    I have installed a fresh mac os Monterey on my new SSD everything works fine except FileVault, when i try to Turn on filevault it says "Incorrect password" Note i have not enabled FileVault before. Opencore version : 0.7.7 (Latest) SSD: Samsung Evo plus 970 Motherboard: Gigabyte z390 Arous...
  2. simondixgaard

    Activated Firewall + Filevault, now Prohibited Sign at boot

    Hi, I recently, by mistake, activated Firewall and Filevault on my hackintosh. It asked me to reboot, and when it did a prohibited sign showed up. Nothing I can do. I'm not a hackintosh genious in any way, and the fact that I actually have had a very well working hackingtosh (mostly video...
  3. aiASIRMS

    Noobie turns ON Filevault on Catalina hackintosh & loses access to bootable drive...

    Howzit - I'm running a Asustek Z97I-PLUS, i7-4770S @3.10GHz w/NVIDIA GeForce GTX680 & 16GB The title says it all, I made a poor choice & have locked my self out. Can interrogate disk via terminal, but cannot reverse filevault. owing to a particularly poor choice recording the recovery key. I...
  4. Alextr20142309

    Please help to install mojave on pentium g840 & nvidia gt240 !

    Hello everyone, my video card does not support metal, and even more integrated graphics. I saw that gt240 started in mojave, but unfortunately I did not succeed. Installation reaches this screen, where actually it gives an error. How can I get around this? Waiting for any suggestions, thanks...
  5. helpmeplzhelp

    Hackintosh locked with Filevault Keyboard Doesn't work

    I enabled filevault not knowing what would happen. Im totally locked out of my hackintosh because when i get to the login screen, i cant type anything with my keyboard. my mouse still works tho. I am able to get into the recovery side of the mac but i noticed i have 4 volumes so every time i try...
  6. 8Cores8Threads

    FileVault will not accept Password or Key at boot.

    Hello, I enabled FileVault without thinking and it is now stuck at 99.0% encrypted. I cannot log into the computer to allow it to finish and then turn it back off because booting to the FileVault Prebooter and typing in both the password or the Recovery Key result in the "incorrect password"...
  7. Wildcatsgalore

    Resized screen on boot / fringing effects / prohibited logo

    Hi all, powered up my build this morning, and was greeted with the strange display as shown in the attachment, with weird fringing effects and a resized Filevault Preboot. Once the password is entered, I consistently get the prohibited logo. I have tried using both the onboard graphics and EVGA...
  8. brianwong11031

    Filevault encrypts really slow!!!

    Hey guys, recently I turned file vault on. But I found it encrypts really slow!!! I have been waiting for 1 day and it still says over 1 day remaining. and the HDD speed was reduced from 200 MB/s to 20MB/s. Is this a kinda issue? Thanks for helping. Cheers, Brian
  9. cyberdogg

    Lenovo x220 ThinkPad (i5-2520) with FileVault

    There is a well known guide to Hackintoshing and installing High Sierra on the x220 by McDonnellTech. The only problem is that it doesn't allow for FileVault encryption of the hard disk. And for many encryption is a must. The problem is revealed after following the guide and then encrypting...
  10. Serbinhio

    FileVault Slow Problem

    I have updated to Mojave yesterday and after big frustration with clover problem update, I managed to boot no problem, but now I cannot boot, filevault starts, accepts my password, the bar finishes but it does not completes boot. Is there any solution?
  11. kavlos

    Filevault - Restarting for more than 24 hours

    Hi everyone. I have enabled filevault and all was going well. I have 1 SSD with High Sierra, and 2 HDDs of 1 TB each (HDDs contain my backups as well). I have enabled filevaut for all and it was in the procedure of encrypting everything. I tried to restart the system but it has been in process...
  12. KyleGP

    Filevault enabled Fusion drive (Corestoreage) won't boot sometimes

    Hi all, I have 5 disks including four SSDS and a 4TB HDD configured in a CoreStorage (Fusion drive) volume. I have Filevault enabled also. When I turn on my hackintosh, I am presented with the Filevault screen to select my user, enter my password and continue to decrypt and boot macOS. This...
  13. jimmyco2008

    FileVault with AMI UEFI

    The newest info I have is that about a year ago, someone had developed a WIP version of a kext that would allow USB keyboard input at the FileVault password entry screen for Hackintoshes with AMI UEFI, which is now 404 (see post here). I haven't been able to find a new link, nor an updated...
  14. maaxk

    [SOLVED] Enabled Filevault and cannot boot

    So I was an idiot and enabled filevault without thinking to check if it would cause problems. I cannot boot as a result. Looking online it seemed that I could turn off the encryption on another partion or usb install disk, but when I try that the option I can unlock the disk but the disable...
  15. reno08

    Help : Enabling FileVault has totally borked my install, can't even boot to installer.

    Hi there, I've just built my first hack last night : Asus Z97 + i7 4790k + Thunderbolt EX II + "OSXWifi" BT+Wifi + Nvidia GTX 750 + SSD + HDD All was going relatively well (it just took me some time to install Windows to enable the Thunderbolt card, then after I installed the NVidia web...
  16. milla9

    Boot0 error and Boot1 Error after activating file vault

    Hello, I tried activating filevault on my hackintosh but then started getting boot errors on startup. I can boot into the os with my unibeast usb but not normally. I have uploaded a screenshot of the first error (several boot 0 messages) I was getting and then i followed this guide...
  17. mrmondo

    What is the state of Filevault on Yosemite?

    Hi all, I'm considering coming back to OSX86 after a few years however one constraint for me is to have full disk encryption. I currently use Filevault (2) on my MBP and am wondering if it works with OSX86 builds? Thanks in advance.
  18. ozhack

    Can I turn on FileVault?

    I have a boot HD and a separate data HD. What happens if I turn on FileVault located in the System Preferences? Will only the data HD be encrypted but working correctly or will I mess up and loose data? Thanks!
  19. fjnorb

    Samsung EVO SSD Hardware Encryption?

    I have searched for this answer here but have found nothing on it. Got a golden CustoMac Pro running with a 7200rpm SATA drive I had laying around. Build is based on the GA-Z87X-UD3H and the i7-4770K running 10.9.2. I know nothing about SSDs except that I want one, and Samsung EVO drives are...
  20. gossebif

    customac/filevault on mavericks ?

    Hello, Can you tell me if "customac pro (ATX)" are compatible FileVault on Mavericks ? Thank you :)