filevault 2

  1. uselessbuilder

    Configuring FileVault 2 EFI

    Hey there. I've done a lot of research but there seems to be a discrepancy as to what it takes to boot a FileVault drive. My EFI got corrupted and so I have to rebuild it, but am not having any luck. My EFI attached below has EVERYTHING WORKING except for iMessage, so this is my last hiccup...
  2. bufferOverflow

    FileVault is causing system to boot to password recovery mode

    Recently, I've activated FileVault on my system (Catalina) and everything was working fine with following drivers until one day when I tried to login from cold boot when my keyboard started freezing on password field (after multiple attempts I was able to login). Clover drivers used before I...
  3. Mark12366

    Direct update HS to Mojave. Not redirected to preboot login menu

    Hello, I have a dell XPS 9550. Yesterday I've tried installing Mojave via a direct update downloaded from the appstore (High Sierra > Mojave). I've downloaded the update and tried to install it via Clover bootloader. How the install went: 1. Select 'mac os install' in bootloader 2. does some...
  4. Fraxinus

    questions concerning UEFI drivers and boot volume related to File Vault 2

    Hi everybody. I'm still doing some research on Filevault 2 and got confronted with some questions i couldn't find a answer. I managed to get a working hack on one my test disk (Irrsinn) with filevault2, but some questions need to be addressed. First, I would like to know which of the File...
  5. Wildcatsgalore

    Resized screen on boot / fringing effects / prohibited logo

    Hi all, powered up my build this morning, and was greeted with the strange display as shown in the attachment, with weird fringing effects and a resized Filevault Preboot. Once the password is entered, I consistently get the prohibited logo. I have tried using both the onboard graphics and EVGA...
  6. brianwong11031

    Filevault encrypts really slow!!!

    Hey guys, recently I turned file vault on. But I found it encrypts really slow!!! I have been waiting for 1 day and it still says over 1 day remaining. and the HDD speed was reduced from 200 MB/s to 20MB/s. Is this a kinda issue? Thanks for helping. Cheers, Brian
  7. R.miscellaneous

    [Guide] Filevault2 on Dell XPS 9550

    So I've managed to get Filevault 2 working on the dell XPS 9550 with native PS/2 keyboard. all credits go to @jief85 for providing the keyboard file necessary to make it work. I've tried to enable filevault2 after I already installed macOS, but unfortunately that didn't work. I was able to...
  8. R.miscellaneous

    FV2 ERROR Graphics DUIinitialize failed OxE (dell 9550)

    Hi, i've encrypted my SSD drive running High Sierra but unfortunately got an error message: 'Graphics DUIinitialize failed OxE' among other error messages like 'APFS keyback unlock with stashed KEK failed' Does somebody knows what the problem might be? I'm experimenting with a new file from a...
  9. sharkoon

    FileVault 2 on ProBooks?

    Hello, and a good time to all! What is the state of the art on FileVault 2 on the ProBook Series? As per here, all is apparently needed is a recent Clover and one of two Keyboard drivers. But... I have tried both AptioInputFixB2.efi and UsbKbDxe.efi and got stuck with neither the USB nor the...
  10. edward1234

    Is Hackintosh full disk encryption actually possible yet?

    (Solved) Is Hackintosh full disk encryption actually possible yet? I'm curious if anyone has had any luck implementing any sort of full disk encryption on their Hackintosh partitions (such as FileVault 2, ect..) The Clover bootloader looks promising for such an implementation, but I've not...