1. jnorato

    Audio Production Rig + Final Cut Pro X Soon

    Afternoon, Currently researching components to build an audio/video production rig to move on from my 2014 15" rMBP. An Apollo Twin is going to be utilized, so Thunderbolt support is a must. Part List: CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor CPU Cooler: Corsair H60 54.0 CFM Liquid...
  2. lucasloud

    Simultaneous AMD and nVidia GPUs

    Hi there! Building a dual-boot Mac/PC Hackintosh. Windows side for gaming, Mac side for video editing in FCPX. For graphics cards, multiple questions: 1. Will dual AMD 5570s really outperform a GTX 980ti in FCPX due to open CL compatibility? If so, by what margin? Enough to really notice? 2...
  3. forby

    [Solved] Sierra + R9 280X issues

    I haven't been able to find evidence of this anywhere else, but the Sierra update seems to have brought on some slight issues with the 280X graphics card. It worked like a dream in El Capitan. I primarily use it for OpenCL rendering performance with Final Cut and a few others. Ever since the...
  4. vandaldeca

    FCPX causing reboots

    Is anyone experiencing random reboots when using FCPX especially when loading in some LUTs using any kind of LUT utilities? For some reason my hackintosh keeps rebooting itself randomly.
  5. tarbax

    Updating hardware to run hackintosh for fcpx

    im planning to change me x99 platform to a z170. Also a gpu change buth not quite sure i go for amd or nvidia. Want to edit 4K footage with fcpx. Also needs to run photo editing software like ptgui, photoshop, lightroom, etc I am using 3 full HD monitors and going to buy a 4th uhd monitor. I...
  6. tarbax

    Laptop for 4k editing with FCPX

    i am looking for a Lenovo Y50-70 i know it wont handle 4k native i would use a proxy. but im seeing multiple versions of cpu and gpu option1: i5/ 8GB / 256GB SSD / 15.6" FHD / Geforce GTX960M 2GB option2: i7/16GB/256GB SSD / 15.6" FHD or UHD / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M 4GB option3: mac mini ...
  7. Unboundclassic

    Smooth Running X99 System w/ FCP X | AKA: Build "FN-2187"

    Let me start this out by saying if you are building a Hackintosh and want it to "just work" then get an Intel Skylake LGA 1151 based motherboard/processor. It is supported by macOS and will make the whole process easier. If you are crazy like I was and don't mind a lot of tinkering and redoing...
  8. SMCBuki

    Replacing MB and CPU, keeping 2xGPU

    Hi all, First of all... Merry Christmas! :) I want to replace my motherboard, CPU and RAM, but I want to keep my 2 x ATI HD5770 (Gigabyte "Batman" cooler model). Config should look like this: i7-6700k (instead Q9550) Gigabyte GA-Z170-GAMING K3-EU (instead GA-EP45-UD3LR) 16GB DDR4 (instead 8GB...
  9. hiluxtonka2

    Should I upgrade my CPU or start fresh? FCPX

    G'day all and Merry Christmas. As you can see in my specs I have an i5 4670k LGA1150 Haswell. I would like my FCPX to render a little faster (a lot faster if possible). FCPX is just about the only thing I use the Hack for hence the pair of GPUs I chose. Would I benefit greatly from changing...
  10. ThunderDome

    Dual Xeons: Best Workstation for Keyshot (Xeon Phi?/Thunderbolt?) - $2800 Best Value

    I've finally convinced my current employer to throw down the money for a new workstation. As I'm spending someone else's money, I'm really trying to be smart about it. I put together a parts list with two friends, one of the best 3D artists I know, and a high-end IT manager, but I'm not...
  11. marshzd

    My FCPX Build - Noob here, help me!

    Hey guys, I'm about to make this purchase so I wanted to see what you guys think, and if I'm going to run into any pitfalls. I've included links so you can take a look at the parts too. This is my first time, pushed into it because I just can't handle the current pricing Apple has going on, but...
  12. psgrafix

    FCPX Radeon build: Z97X-UD5H/i7-4790k or ASUS x99a/i7-5820?

    I'm from the shallow end of the tech gene pool and looking for advice on upgrading my second Hackintosh, a GA-Z97X-UD5H/i7-4790k/GTX-760 I've been using for FCPX video editing for two years. It's starting to glitch (occasional slowness, random freezes) and I need to upgrade from Yosemite to...
  13. griffink

    Fcpx & photo editing Hackintosh

    I am making a Hackintosh for mostly video editing in fcpx and some photo editing in photoshop and lightroom. Heres the list of parts I was thinking: cpu: Intel Core i7-4790K motherboard: Z170M Mortar gpu: XFX RADEON RX 480 8GB ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 3000 C15 ssd: Samsung 850 EVO...
  14. hiluxtonka2

    FCPX and ASUS R9280X-DC2T-3GD5 x2 Am I missing something?

    G'day all, Check my specs in the spec section, I have made sure it's up to date although I am now running OSX El Cap. I use my Hack for FCPX and not much else so I don't think I want the aggravation of updating to Sierra. My Hack seems to output final projects to either H.264 or ProRes at a...
  15. tallen

    GPU for 4K FCPX

    I'd like to get a 4K monitor for photo and video work. Probably the LG 31MU97. I need acceleration in Sierra/FCPX, but my editing needs are modest, as I'll only be working with 1080p footage with minimal VFX. What's the best GPU to drive a 4K display in Sierra? I've read the 280x is limited to...
  16. leobar021

    FcpX summarise build

    Hi first of all thank you for patient Im a noob :) I have read whole forum, and I have learned many things.. thanks to members. Im building hackintosh(El Capitan or Sierra) for FcpX and Davinci resolve, but FcpX is the goal :) I will try to get a working hackintosh from a gold builds from...
  17. hylkej

    FCPX mouse and timeline stutter

    Here is a video of the issue. My openCL score is 12666. I got a hackintosh for Final Cut Pro X so it not working perfectly is really a pain for me. If this a known problem? what can i do? PS: my BruceX score is around 9 seconds... or am i doing the render incorrectly. Thank you, Hylke
  18. leobar021

    what is best graphic card for FcpX

    Hi guys, I have been searching a lot for best card for FcpX (open CL) and after a lot of searching I didn't find :) My main concern is compatibility with hackintosh El Capitan, Im hoping that something will know :) What are your suggestions?
  19. leobar021

    Buying 4k video editing for FcpX

    Hi guys.. Im lost in here :) Can you pls point me to where to find or what you recommend for 4K video editing in FcpX OS X El Capitan. Is there any build of users who have build El Capitan for video editing in FcpX. I would like to have as much as possible clean install :) thanks for the your...
  20. Hyfidelity

    Graphics Card Advice

    I'm looking at building a full tower Atx x99 (Asus Deluxe 2) running an i7 5820k with at least 64gb of ram. Dual booting OS X/win on separate SSD's. Primary use will be for fcpx/iMovie. On the windows side, work stuff and some gaming. From the options of GPU's listed, which would you choose...