1. BatPumpkin

    Can Build Start with External GPU/SSD then become a CustoMac?

    Howdy! I have caught the custom build fever. I'm new to both & custom building, though I worked at a mac repair shop for a year replacing and upgrading Mac parts. I edit video on FCPX as a small side job on my 2012 13" MBP 2.9GHz and my Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB GPU is...
  2. bryner

    nVidia, Metal 2 and Final Cut Pro

    I know FCP was works much better with AMD (and some outdated nVidia cards) but does Metal 2 and the added support for eGPUs open up the doors for better nVidia / FCP synergy? I currently have a 1070 and have noticed that I can't preview / playback some generators in FCP without having a...
  3. gatesweeney

    Final Cut Pro 10.x crashing every time

    Any time I attempt to load a project the app crashes with no sign of an error code. This problem seems to have come up since I installed my RX480 Here's my configuration: gpu RX480 cpu 6700K mobo GAZ170m SIP is disabled No NVIDIA Drivers left (former GPU) Here is the only message from...
  4. fritz1593

    Kernel Panic

    Hi, i have this build: MB: Gigabyte z97x ud5h CPU: i7 4790k RAM: 32 GB corsair GPU: r9 280x SECOND GPU: Blackmagic Intensity PRO 4k I randomly have system reboot while using fcpx with Sierra 12.12.6 I've tried everything, even after clean installation it keep rebooting randomly. This is the...
  5. srsyamsr

    Sierra FCPX issue

    Hi, I installed sierra(clover) on a system with dh61ww mother board with 2nd gen i5.GFX Assus Gt 210 is used.(No kext usedGraohics enabler=yes).Installation was successful.Dvd player running fine.The problem is no video play with quick look(while pressing space key).Fcp x is not working.Only...
  6. c.emc

    RX580 or GTX1060 for FCPX ?

    Hi, I've a hackintosh perfectly running Sierra 10.12.5 (i7 4790K, MSI H97 Gaming 3 and 32GB DDR3). I'm mostly doing video editing with FCPX (often in 4K) and sometimes Resolve, and 3D with Cinema 4D. I'm currently looking to buy a Nvidia GTX1060 or AMD RX580, and I can't tell which one is best...
  7. xmimox

    FCPX extreme bad results - ATI driver issue?

    Hello Hackintosh Community, one year ago I bought an macbook 2015 (for traveling). Sometimes I also work with final cut pro x and my problem was that the macbook don't have enough power to handle complex projects. (1,2Ghz Intel Core M - 500GB - Intel 5300 Graphics). Thats why I decided to take...
  8. TriFlixFilms

    I just want to FCPX better than my iMac

    I borrow my dad's iMac a lot, which scores at 55sec on the BruceX Test. I just want a system that performs better. So what I need to know is if you (the experts) see any issues with this setup outside of the typical clover boot. Based on my research the 280x is currently the best performing...
  9. stevep314

    Beat the 2016 Macbook Pro GPU performance?

    Hello, I was wondering if there are any hackintoshable laptops out there that could potentially beat the AMD Radeon Pro 460 OpenCL performance (FCPX) of the 2016 macbook pro? 1024 shaders of the Polaris 11 chip (1.86 TFLOPS) Thank you for your time!
  10. toke7

    Laughable FCPX performance despite decent specs

    Hi everyone, I've recently started to feel like my Hac Mac is getting slower in terms of graphics performance. Especially, since the last few Nvidia Web Drivers updates for my GTX 780Ti. The slowness is mostly seen in the apps that benefit from OpenCL architecture, just like Final Cut Pro X...
  11. josephholder

    Final Cut pro Crashing on Sierra with Intel 530 GFX

    Hey friends. I am happy to report that the new multibeast 9.1 works great for my motherboard: GA-Z170X-UD5 TH However, for some reason, anytime I open a project in FCPX it crashes. I will be getting an rx480 very soon, but it appears that the internal graphics of the 530 are causing it to...
  12. AnAppleADay

    Bruce x Time for Nvidia cards

    Would one of you fine GTX 1080 people be so kind as to post BruceX benchmark results? Gracias!
  13. skylerlive

    Intel HD 4600 issue on Sierra 10.12.4

    Hello guys. I updated to Sierra 10.12.4 and get some issue with the Color Finale plugin in FCPX. Instead to show the video preview all I have is this black screen. I've been updating OSX since El Capitan and this is the first time some problem happened. Can you help me? Thanks!
  14. Killou

    Want to build a Hackintosh for 4K FCPX editing

    Hi ! I am totally new to Hackintosh universe, and I am french, so, sorry if my English looks bad I am searching for a configuration, that can run FCPX smoothly for 4K video editing, and a little bit of gaming ;) If it is possible, running on the last OSX Sierra. I have already a WIN10...
  15. StoneyMahoney

    POLL: 980Ti vs AMD CF vs Mixed for Use in a Mac Pro

    I'm planning on upgrading an official Mac Pro with a couple of X5690's and a new GPU setup. My intention is to edit video under FCPX and game under Boot Camp using an adaptive sync monitor. I'm aware of the FCPX performance issues with the 980Ti and the spotty compatibility and scaling issues...
  16. jnorato

    Audio Production Rig + Final Cut Pro X Soon

    Afternoon, Currently researching components to build an audio/video production rig to move on from my 2014 15" rMBP. An Apollo Twin is going to be utilized, so Thunderbolt support is a must. Part List: CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor CPU Cooler: Corsair H60 54.0 CFM Liquid...
  17. lucasloud

    Simultaneous AMD and nVidia GPUs

    Hi there! Building a dual-boot Mac/PC Hackintosh. Windows side for gaming, Mac side for video editing in FCPX. For graphics cards, multiple questions: 1. Will dual AMD 5570s really outperform a GTX 980ti in FCPX due to open CL compatibility? If so, by what margin? Enough to really notice? 2...
  18. forby

    [Solved] Sierra + R9 280X issues

    I haven't been able to find evidence of this anywhere else, but the Sierra update seems to have brought on some slight issues with the 280X graphics card. It worked like a dream in El Capitan. I primarily use it for OpenCL rendering performance with Final Cut and a few others. Ever since the...
  19. vandaldeca

    FCPX causing reboots

    Is anyone experiencing random reboots when using FCPX especially when loading in some LUTs using any kind of LUT utilities? For some reason my hackintosh keeps rebooting itself randomly.
  20. tarbax

    Updating hardware to run hackintosh for fcpx

    im planning to change me x99 platform to a z170. Also a gpu change buth not quite sure i go for amd or nvidia. Want to edit 4K footage with fcpx. Also needs to run photo editing software like ptgui, photoshop, lightroom, etc I am using 3 full HD monitors and going to buy a 4th uhd monitor. I...