1. scottperezfox

    Advice on fanless power supply and hardware config

    Hi folks, The time has come to build a new main desktop Hackintosh — still rocking my August 2012 machine! I'm basing my hardware configuration on @pastrychef's configuration, as described here, and as introduced to me through the Snazzy Labs video with a similar build. My aim is to build a...
  2. xmark

    [Guide] Fanless mini Mojave: i5-8600 | Gigabyte Z370N WiFi | Intel HD630

    Fanless mini Mojave: i5-8600 | Gigabyte Z370N WiFi | Intel HD630 Notes: I am no longer monitoring this thread. While this guide may still work, I recommend finding an active thread. This community is outstanding. Thanks specifically to b166ar and also to inarush for their support and...
  3. jrjmulder

    Mac Pro 2006 Fanless PSU

    Hi guys, Does anyone have experience with a fanless psu in their Mac Pro Build? I've been trying to find a good answer to this question, but can't find one. I want to place the PSU in the original spot and maybe rewire the socket to fit the socket of the case, or use some kind of adapter. I...
  4. franco199

    Running NVIDIA Pascal card passively

    I have a GTX 1080 iChill X4 Inno3D which supposedly can run passive under low load, yet it never does under macOS. The card mostly "works" (even though it doesn't seem to perform too well in games), and macOS 10.12.6 detects is as "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8191 MB". I'm using the latest NVIDIA...
  5. Ricardopro

    Fanless i7 Build Dual Monitor 30"

    Good evening, This will be my first build and planning on building the following build: CPU: Mother Board: Ram: DRIVE:[URL='[/URL] CASE:[URL='']Streacom DB4 Aluminum PC Chassis POWER...
  6. Tamerax

    "cheap" fanless video cards for a 3-4 monitor system

    Hello! I'm trying to find a fully compatible video card that will work with a Sierra based system that will output to 3 monitors (or 4 if possible) but runs on a passive cooler (it's used in a sound studio environment). I also would really like to not spend a lot of money as I don't need...
  7. SlentThndr

    Ultimate Music Studio/Live Performance Machine: Fastest possible CPU in a silent mini-ITX build?

    I'm planning to create the ultimate hackintosh for music recording and performance. My audio setup is absurdly CPU intensive, and instead of reducing the awesomeness of my setup I've decided to just create an equally absurd computer. But it's more complicated than that. I'm immobilized by...
  8. Pineapple68

    Buying advice for Mac Pro replica - gpu low profile mini displayport

    I am returning on my Hack Pro 2013 project, with update hardware. (I am starting from zero again). The use of this build will be desktop publishing with Adobe CC suite, browsing, coding and sometime after effects. (no game, no 3D rendering) So I think I need a good processor, a fast storage...
  9. stangn99

    Mini / Fanless Hack?

    I'll start by saying that I've been out of the Hackintosh scene for about 4 years now. I successfully built 2 very functional machines after researching compatible components, and have since sold both machines (parted). I'm currently working on a Macbook Pro provided by work, but since I...
  10. jjforums

    New graphics card for old build

    New graphics card for old build GTX 750 vs GTX 750 Ti Hello, my current build is: DH55HC + i5 750 @ 3.36Gz + GTX 560SC and my graphics card has some issues, sometimes it freezes and I have to force restart and the issue that destroys the images. So I want to buy a new graphics...
  11. tonyhawck

    Help for Q87T motherboard

    Hi, This is my 1st hackintosh. I was looking for a thin itx fanless build ; Here it is : Box AKASA Euler MB Asus Q87T CPU i5 4590T @35W (iGPU HD4600 inside) SSD Samsung 840 Pro 128GB WiFi Atheros 9280 a/b/g/n Half PCie RAM 8GB Crucial DDR3-1600 Drive is GPT and installation is done with...
  12. guenam

    [SUCCESS] [need help for perfection] Yosemite 10.10.1 on Intel DQ77KB - Core i7 3770T with integrate

    [complete SUCCESS] Yosemite 10.10.1 on Intel DQ77KB - Core i7 3770T with integrated HD 4000 NB: if you see missing information, let me know, I'll complete. It's easy to forget a detail that then cost hours so just ask. This is a FANLESS configuration - specific small factor case for passive...
  13. gaalj

    Completely silent Office and Media Hackintosh

    Hi guys, this is gonna be my first Hackintosh, and I want it to be completely silent. This is what I came up with: Case: HD Plex H1.S CPU: i5 4570T PSU: HD Plex 160W + 19V 160 W Dell Power Brick Ram: Corsair Vengance 8gb 1600mhz MB: Asrock Z97e mini ITX (integrated Wifi and BT) Storage: Samsung...
  14. nevius3

    gpu suggestion

    Hi I would like to upgrade my perfect 18 month old hackintosh now I've a 3770k, 32 gb ram, ssd and a sapphire 5670 1gb ddr5 the 5670 is old but fanless any idea for a new silent gpu? looking around I've found this Gainward GTX770 2GB Phantom is it compatible like normal 770? other suggestion...
  15. FranzWerfel

    The most compatible fanless graphics card?

    Greetings! I recently upgraded to the GA-Z87MX-D3H motherboard and am using the Intel Core i5-4690K CPU. Are there any good fanless graphics card solutions that offer out-of-the-box compatibility with Mavericks and HDMI sound? Franz
  16. miky2184

    Compatibility i3-4350T

    Hi, i would like to build a mini customMac htpc fanless :D I would like to know, if the new Processors i3 4350T, is full compatible with the installation of a customMac. Can anyone help me? Thank you...
  17. mesaone

    Mountain Lion build, GT 610 question

    Hi all, I'm new so I would like to say hello! I plan to build my own hackintosh for audio production (Pro Tools and Logic Pro). After poking around the internet for a bit, I have decided on using Tonymac's guide. I'll be building a version of his Customac Pro Ivy Bridge build, using an i7 3770...