1. passta

    Disable Fan on Disabled Nvidia 2080

    First Hack build, finally got everything I needed working the way I want except 1 thing I noticed that I have not figured out yet, the fan on the "disabled" Nvidia card, is always running when booted into MacOS. It's running at very low speed, the only reason I really even noticed it was...
  2. Screenshot 2020-02-03 at 21.09.46.png

    Screenshot 2020-02-03 at 21.09.46.png

    Fan problem Razer blade 15
  3. cronix

    Fan doesn't spin after Boot

    Hello guys, I recently managed to install High Sierra successfully (not Mojave because of missing Nvidia Web drivers) and now noticed, that my Fan in the back of the case connected to the CHA_FAN2 header on the board. Pls help :D (I'm kind of a noob in hackintoshing) Thanks in advance
  4. Domylol

    [solved] High Temperature on ASUS Laptop!

    Hi, I have and Asus Vivobook (X556UV) with high sierra. But my laptop stay always at 80° (With no program active) and arrive at 95°... the cpu-fan is off and no programs detect it. How can I active the fan? I don't speak english so sorry for eventual errors :)
  5. Yann

    [Solved] Z370-F One fan not working on hackintosh

    Hey, So I got : - 1 pump + fan for CPU working - 1 rear fan working - 2 front fans So this goes crazy : On my windows partition every fans work like a charm. But on my hackintosh partition, only one of the 2 front fan works. As soon as I boot to the mac one of the top fan stop working and stop...
  6. snowleo333

    CPU Fan for Intel Core i7-8700K

    Hi everyone, Which CPU fan do you recommend for Intel Core i7-8700K (not overclocked) and why? I only interested in Air Cooling! Case: Fractal Design Define Mini - mATX MB: Gigabyte H370M DS3H - mATX Thank for your advice!
  7. alpio

    AMD R9 380 Fan Speed Change

    Hello. First of all I'm sorry for my terrible english. I can not adjust the fan speed of my display card. I tried vBios, but I did not try to risk it again. The fan speed does not appear in the HWMonitor program and I can not change it. I'm waiting for your help, thank you.
  8. Syleaanas

    Gtx1060 fan stopped High Sierra

    hey Guys, I’ve finally got the High Sierra recognized my GPU (gigabyte gtx1060 g1). All installed correctly but once inside OS the fans of my GPU stop. They only run while rebooting. Any advice? Would appreciate any help! Thx
  9. evmail

    [SOLVED]GPU Fans Runs At Full Speed at Low Temperature, 1050Ti

    I built a new hackintosh. Besides the minor problems I do have a interesting problem. Before hackintosh, I used windows for a few days. The GPU's fans were spinning at %45 by default(the temperature of the GPU was 35 Celsius, but I am not sure). I watched a bit the fans so I know how fast they...
  10. jrjmulder

    Mac Pro 2006 Fanless PSU

    Hi guys, Does anyone have experience with a fanless psu in their Mac Pro Build? I've been trying to find a good answer to this question, but can't find one. I want to place the PSU in the original spot and maybe rewire the socket to fit the socket of the case, or use some kind of adapter. I...
  11. Nyak

    3D Render Causes Computer to Crash [GTX 1080]

    Hoped I wouldn't be posting here again this soon. I installed a GTX 1080 last week, and it's been running great, until I did a 3D render today. The computer got through about 15 frames and promptly crashed and restarted. Not sure if this is due to a heat problem or if it's indicative of a larger...
  12. marc_Linux

    which Linux distro runs iMac the coolest temperature

    recently tried Linux Mint on my old 2008 iMac 20" it installed fine, ran well enough, hardware worked etc. Problem is - the iMac runs way hotter that it does on any Mac OS and, even Win7, when slightly tweaked on the iMac, runs almost as cool. Years ago i had overheating problems with various...
  13. ralab001

    HP ProBook 4530s: False Processor Speed + Fan speed does not appear in HWMonitor!!

    Hello Everybody, Given Problem Reporting Files in Question - Why fan speed doesn't appear in HWMonitor? - Why is processor speed is 792MHz most of the times and 2.48GHz...
  14. ralab001

    Processor Temperature is 90°C in HP ProBook 4530s with macOS Sierra

    Hello Everybody Given: - HP ProBook 4530s - SSD and HDD - Dual System Boot: ----- macOS Sierra 10.12.5 (on SSD) ----- Windows 10 (on HDD) - Followed this guide: - From Window 10, it...
  15. Ad4mtaylor

    Best/Quietest PSU's?

    Hi guys, My PSU recently starting making a loud buzzing noise, and apparently this is common with Corsair - however all of the suggested PSU's on this site are of course manufactured by Corsair. I'd understandably now like to stay away from Corsair, and won't go anywhere near any of their...
  16. Tacchan

    Fan not working properly

    Hi. My laptop fan doesn't work properly. Sometimes it starts and sometimes it does not. The only way to ensure it starts, it's to overheat the PC and then reboot. Booting up fan will for sure start. I've been told I had ACPI patched wrong, so I re-patched my DSDT. What else can I do? Here below...
  17. in00b

    GPU Fan Control ?

    Hi , I have an evga 770sc on a z170-xp sli from gigabyte. since day one I've found that my computer was loud. at first I thought it was because of my push pull config from my rad, so I switched to a push config and changed all my case fans for noctua fans. Now it is still pretty loud and I've...
  18. RobOnTheBob

    Gtx 750 fan control

    Hello all. Just assembled my hackintosh and while waiting for a broadcom card for wifi i'm setting up the rest. I have a problem with my gtx 750. Fan are always at max and so are very noisy. Card has no hardware problem as works well under windows. nVidia web drivers are working and set up well...
  19. Danois

    2011 iMac fan pinout

    Hi guys I really hope one or more of you can help me with this, i would really appreciate it! I need pinouts for these 3 fans, or just one as they're probably the same anyway.. In order, it's the 27" iMac, 2011 model fans, CPU, ODD and Harddrive fans. I can't make out what pins are...
  20. jeffmikels

    HELP: Fan Speed / Power Management for Radeon 7970

    After running my Hackintosh for years on the nVidia platform, I recently read a post online about the performance and native support for the Radeon 7970. Considering that native support for nVidia hasn't progressed much recently, and because I found one on craigslist for $50, I decided to swap...