fan control

  1. passta

    Disable Fan on Disabled Nvidia 2080

    First Hack build, finally got everything I needed working the way I want except 1 thing I noticed that I have not figured out yet, the fan on the "disabled" Nvidia card, is always running when booted into MacOS. It's running at very low speed, the only reason I really even noticed it was...
  2. Screenshot 2020-02-03 at 21.09.46.png

    Screenshot 2020-02-03 at 21.09.46.png

    Fan problem Razer blade 15
  3. jc123

    Catalina Laptop Improvements

    I've successfully installed Catalina 10.15.1 on my MSI GS63VR 7RF, but it's obviously not perfect as my experience hackintoshing isn't that extensive. I'd love to see if you guys can find any possible improvements with my hack. So far bluetooth, wifi, sleep, and sound are all working. One issue...
  4. jc123

    CPU fan speed control - i7-7700hq

    I'm using intel HD630 as my 1060 ins't compatible. Ive unlocked my bios and disabled the 1060 in the BIOS and it's drawing no power or heat, I've also liquid metaled my laptop and the CPU temps are almost always great (30-35c idle). Except under hard load because the fans don't ramp properly...
  5. Avine

    Lenovo IdeaPad 720-15IKB Fan Control

    Hello everyone, I installed everything on my Mojave laptop, but I can’t make the fan revs in any way, I know the EC regions where the fan rotation values are and even found the method in SSDT, but I just can’t patch it, who can help in this matter, I will be very grateful My Laptop...
  6. tadros

    << Solved >> Help needed please - Sapphire Radeon Nitro+ RX Vega 64 fans will not spin up in Mojave 10.14.5

    Hello all, I am fairly new to all this. I built my rig, which you can see all the specs below, Mojave is working fine, but I notice every fan control app I try to download does not see any fans at all, and the fans on my GPU will not work. I have tried messing with the VGTab app and that did...
  7. jc123

    Vega 56 fan control on 10.14.5

    So with the recent update to 10.14.5, supposedly apple has fixed the vega fan curves. Well, even running a custom game on league I'm hitting 70c on my GPU. Which isn't terrible I know, but on windows I'm hitting 43c max. The fans barely kick in at all and at high temps, running around 10-15%...
  8. alexbohariuc

    Corsair Hydro 150i Pro RGB - fan speeds and monitoring

    Hello there, I successfully installed Hackintosh on my new build. However, I do have an issue with the Corsair Hydro 150i Pro RGB. I cannot see the fan speeds and also have no control over them. I'm watching the CPU temps with HWMonitor and for the fans speeds i'm using Macs Fan Control - and...
  9. JohnnyWolinger

    [REQ] Custom SSDT FAN for Acer F5-573G

    Hi community and @RehabMan , i have Acer F5-573G laptop, installed FakeSMC and SMCSensors, but in HWMonitor not show fan information and noise of fan its terrible and temperature sometime its higher than 70º, have a way to fix this with custom SSDT-FAN? I found SSDT-FAN code for Asus and some...
  10. Amir001

    fan control Mojave

    i can't control fans speed, the temperature go high at 80c, with fans speed at the lowest rpm. please any help would be very appreciated my build is hp z440 cpu e5-1650 v3 3.5 GHz thank you in advance
  11. lihaoyun6

    [TOOL] VGTab: Control your Vega in macOS without flashing the vBios

    Now you can control your Vega on macOS without flashing the vBios As we know, the Vega graphics cards have native support in macOS HighSierra and Mojave. emmm...and some glitch :( But AMD uses a function called "SoftPowerPlayTable" to control the Vega cards. "Soft" means it can be stored in the...
  12. Amandeep

    Fan Control Seriously Needed

    As seen from profile, I have a gaming laptop with 8750H and it generates a lot of heat and while using mac the fans are very very quiet and don't cool the laptop properly thus making it too hot to type. My PR files are attached. I have tried to take a clue from other posts on this thing but...
  13. Novito

    Some bugs due to graphic card configuration?

    Hi, I have being running my new hackintosh for three weeks and I have detected few bugs I am not sure how to solve them due to my lack of experiencie. I do not know what guide should I follow. Power Management: my computer does not shut down or reboot properly, I have to force it holding the...
  14. Thorsager

    Nvidia 760 High Sierra web driver fan noise

    Hi there everyone I hope someone can help me with my gfx fan noise problem! The card is a ASUS GeForce GTX 760 DirectCU Mini and is recognised and supported OOB in both El Capitan and High Sierra. I have a fairly old I7 sandy bridge setup (asus p8h67-I motherboard), that has been serving...
  15. StevenRCE0

    [Solved] R9 370x Fan Issue

    My fan is running slowly and uncontrolled in macOS. That causes significant performance loss, blackscreens. Hardware: Gigabyte H170 Motherboard Intel 6700K R9 370X reference edition Tricks tried (and failed): Load a downloaded vbios via Clover HWmonitor(no option/fan speed at all...) It'll...
  16. Ig0r

    Fan speed control on High Sierra

    Hello Tonymacx86 forum users! I have a problem: the fan on my laptop is always ON. Is it possible to control fan speed depending on cpu temperature? On Windows I used "NoteBook Fan Control" to set different speed for different temperature like: My CPU rarely heats up to more then 60 degrees...
  17. RobOnTheBob

    Gtx 750 fan control

    Hello all. Just assembled my hackintosh and while waiting for a broadcom card for wifi i'm setting up the rest. I have a problem with my gtx 750. Fan are always at max and so are very noisy. Card has no hardware problem as works well under windows. nVidia web drivers are working and set up well...
  18. Dagoe

    HWMonitor fan control not working.

    Hi! first I'd like to apologize if this thread isn't il the right place. there is a lot of categories and I don't know where to put it. I have a problem with HWMonitor. one of my CPU fans I can't control the speed. once I turn it on, set the threshold and speed, it drops to 800 rpm and does not...
  19. BSDguru

    Fan Control and Shutdown on Real iMac

    I've had hackintoshes for years (I have an i7 running el capitan that has run flawlessly 24x7 for over a year), and last year I bought a 5k because I wanted something compact with built-in speakers that didn't take up too much desk space. If you ever get that thought yourself, don't do it. It's...
  20. dropsofsilence

    CPU fan control on GA-EP45-DS3

    Hello. I have Gigabyte motherboard GA-EP45-DS3 (rev. 1.0) - Intel® P45 + ICH10 Chipset In Windows, I can slow down CPU cooler with "EasyTune" or "SpeedFan" program. Now I trying to install OS X El Capitan 10.11 Bootloader...