1. artissmo

    [Solved] MacBookPro mid-2010 and FakeSMC.kext startup hang

    [edit - sorry but this didn't file in the correct section, and I can't move or delete the post. Would some admin kindly move it to the High Sierra Laptop or Mac OS section, whichever is applicable? Thanks!) Hi All! Thanks for this highly informative forum :) The Issue: - I've just installed a...
  2. Freedog

    [Solved] .kext files

    Hi all, I am following this guide for my Lenovo Y50-70 Touch (2015) and I am stuck at this step: I have downloaded the .zip files but there is no "release" folder in for either of them. So I can't find the FakeSMC.kext or the VoodooPS2Controller.kext Any ideas? Thanks!