1. batwings

    GA-Z77X-UP5 TH Bluetooth and CPU temps

    Hello, I recently and successfully built my first Hackintosh with the help of this great community. Almost everything seems to be working perfectly with a few hickups that I'm hoping some more experience users could point me in the right direction toward resolving. 1. The included...
  2. marbleduck

    FakeSMC plugins causing problems (Z68XP-UD3P users please read)

    On my GA-Z68XP-UD3P/ GTX670 rig, installing any FakeSMC plugin on mountain lion causes Multibeast to become unresponsive. I end up having to hold the power button down to turn the computer off, and upon reboot, I kernel panic. Can those also with this Z68XP board but *without* a 670 verify...