1. Brettfoo22

    UniBeast installation failure

    Mar 12 18:59:21 new-host-2.home Installer[967]: UniBeast Mac App Store Mountain Lion Installation Log Mar 12 18:59:21 new-host-2.home Installer[967]: Opened from: /Users/MacBookPro/Desktop/UniBeast - Mountain Lion 1.7.0.pkg Mar 12 18:59:21 new-host-2.home Installer[967]: Product archive...
  2. acarterg

    Computer not booting after installing audio drivers

    Hello everyone. I built my first Hackintosh today and everything was running fine untill I made the mistake of selecting all audio drivers in MultiBeast. My system immediately gave me a gray screen after they installed and told me to restart. When I tried to restart I got the same message about...
  3. jrbg86

    System no longer boots, HELP!!

    So I had my system (p8z77-v deluxe, 3770k, GTX570 2.5GB) working well for about a month. Just the other day I was exporting out of fcp and the program quit randomly mid-export. I rebooted and ran the export again. This time it froze mid-export. It had a brief warning over the screen about the...
  4. duastden

    Freezing Screen with Customac-specified

    Well, I guess it was correct that it wouldn't be easy and work right away to Install Snow Leopard, but I have literally tried a lot of combinations without success. I get a grey screen with the Apple-Symbol. Nothing happens. I used iboot, put in the installation dvd and that's it. I chose to...
  5. DJ-Shadow

    Chimera 1.11.1 + Lion

    Hello Everything was working well on my system until I created another partition to install ML, once installed ML I upgraded my Bootloader too Chimera 1.11.1, doing this in all 3 installation i.e. Snow Leppard, Lion and ML. While Snow Leppard and ML boot fine from the Chimera 1.11.1...