failed install

  1. dandi98

    [Solved] Updating to Mojave blocked during installation!

    Hi everyone, my update was not successful! It always hangs during installation when 21 minutes are left to go! What could be dependent on? High Sierra has always shot perfectly on my hackintosh and I use the latest version of clover
  2. Faslane1969

    Pls help I'm SOOO close. High Sierra. Pls read. Simple fix I think.

    Hi all, so I get the installer made and boot up and go ahead and go through the first install process formatting the drive etcetera Etc and then when it reboots to go into the second phase to do the clean install it gets almost all the way done and then gives me an error message with no...
  3. Tamali

    [Solved] Install drive won't show in clover menu

    Hi! Earlier today after my upgrade through app store to OS X 10.13.4 from 10.13.3, i wasn't able to get past the boot screen and was stuck with the apple logo. So I decided to grab my USB stick and do a full reinstall. After the first part of the install i booted to the main drive to continue...
  4. Paavan

    Mac OS on HP elite 6200 Pro

    Hi guys. :) I have purchased a HP elite 6200 Pro with an i5-2400 and have tried everything to get Mac OS on it, I tried Sierra, I tried El Capitan, I even tried snow leopard and mavericks, it just didn't seem to work! It always stopped before it got to the installer. Is my hardware...
  5. jforen

    HELP PLEASE! 5 days of attempts with no success!

    I have been trying for days now to upgrade to Yosemite or ElCapitan. Whichever I can get to work first. I have followed each guide from to back that I have found on the forums. All either failing early or getting to the end and giving me "essentials.pkg" errors. More recently I have been...
  6. connorbor

    Cannot Get Past Black Screen with White Code

    Howdy Hackintoshians! I know this question has been asked a few times before but none of the solutions have seemed to help me. I made the bootable USB with UNIBEAST and I got to the Chimera Screen, scroll to the SSD I want to install Mac on and type in the commands that I found on other...
  7. toomanyairmiles

    Boot to Yosemite installer fails no entry/still waiting for root device

    Hi all, I have a Sabretooth P67/Core i7 2600k I created a boot USB key with UniBeast 5.0.1 (Yosemite Downloaded from App Store) but when I attempt to boot from it I get the 'no entry' sign. Turning on verbose logging produces the following errors (ending in still waiting for root device)...
  8. majinwashu

    Mountain Lion Fails to Install using UniBeast

    Hello Everyone, I have a rather strange issue. I have two Dell Inspiron 530 machines (Intel Core 2 Quad) everything is standard on them with the exception of the Video Cards, Both have after market Nvidia cards. I was running lion on both machines without an issue and can reinstall Lion...