f8 bios

  1. Mari0

    Problems with F8 BIOS for GA-Z87X-OC?

    I updated my Gigabyte Z87X-OC BIOS to F8 and now I cannot boot Mavericks from USB. Tried 3 different USBs in all the possible USB ports with the same bad result. The message is "Reboot and Select proper boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press any key". What is strange...
  2. avi_31337

    Unable to disable VT-D, Help please

    Someone suggested me to disable VT-D in my BIOS to fix my hackintosh issue. That particular option is greyed out in my BIOS. Any suggestions on how I should disable it in this case? MB - GA-Z87M-D3H BIOS F8 Processor - Intel Code i7-4770K Graphics - ASUS GT640 2GB DDR3
  3. avi_31337

    GA-Z87M-D3H , GT640 - Unable to download files, Apps crashing etc..

    I am trying to do a fresh install of 10.9 using UniBeast. Purchased parts off Tony's buyer guide. Struggling to get this to work for the last 10 days. Every method/thread I've followed, ended up with this one issues, I cannot resolve. I am a non-native english speaker, so please pardon my...