1. wohoo86

    Vega 64 on Mojave crashes and freezes on Premiere Pro export

    After last system update I'm having system freezes and crashes when exporting video from Premiere Pro with my Vega 64, no mather how long and what resolution the video is, no mather if the iGPU is turned on or off, no mather if it is injected or not. Sometimes when I set it like qiuck sync was...
  2. neosonic2k

    iMovie in High Sierra exports green noise video, audio is fine

    Hi. Whenever I export any project in iMovie, the result is always green noise video with flashes of the original video as it plays. Audio is fine however. I was looking through the forum and couldn't find anyone else with iMovie issues. I did see someone with the same issue but with Premiere...
  3. Svenb

    [Solved] Premiere Pro "freeze/hangs" on export with RX 580

    Hi, yesterday I build myself a new hackintosh Now nearly everything is running except of one thing. When I edit a video in Premiere Pro everything works until I want to export the movie (export in Premiere and via Media encoder). When I start the export the PC is not reacting anymore properly...
  4. toaster91

    Computer crashes when exporting in Premiere Pro CC

    Hello everyone, My Hackintosh crashes and restarts when I export a Premiere Pro CC 2017 project via Media Encoder CC 2017, not everytime but like half of the time. Here is my config: Mobo: Asus Prime Z270-K CPU: I7 7700K GPU: Asus Gtx 1080 Ti Rog Strix OC RAM: 2x16Gb DDR4 Corsair Vengeance...