evga 950

  1. jr25

    EVGA GTX 950 making a loud noise and fan spinning really fast

    Hi all, I have been using the computer for the past couple of weeks and just recently, each time it boots up the gpu starts making a really loud noise ( I can hear it a few rooms down the hall). At first it sounded like the noise was coming from psu but upon further inspection it was the...
  2. coffeeholic94103

    Success! GIGABYTE-Z170X-UD5, Intel 6700K, EVGA GTX950SSC

    Holy smokes - IT WORKS! No, I mean it really works! I'm using it right now! The build went pretty much as it should, with the following notes. The R5 is a terrific case, I think. VERY quiet. I can't tell when the computer is on(!) Into the motherboard, I installed the Noctua before...
  3. Sweeeney

    EVGA GTX 950 Problem

    I can't seem to get my GPU to function properly nor is it being recognised by OS X El Capitan, I haven't tried the DVI in the on board graphics but would like to avoid them if possible and get GPU working. I have used clover to add the flag: nvda_drv=1 When I added the above flag the OS...