ethernet not working

  1. gbkbrant

    << Solved >> Asus Strix z390-E Gaming - Ethernet Not Working

    I am attempting to upgrade my High Sierra system using the Asus Strix z390-E Gaming, and a 9900k. After some trial and error swapping out EFI folders with the EFI of a clone of my previous High Sierra install, I can boot into OSX and I have what appears to be normal function other than the...
  2. brownknee

    Ethernet suddenly stopped working after 4 years

    Hello, I've had my hackintosh up and running smoothly, with no issues whatsoever for the past 4 years. It is still running 10.10.1 because it worked for me (if it ain't broke..) I haven't had any problems with any of my current/new software or hardware until now. All of a sudden, my whole...
  3. joy9924

    Ethernet not working

    i recently installed sierra everything is working fine but Ethernet is not working.i installed drivers from multibeast after that it is showing dsl or ethernet cable is not connected my ethernet is working fine on windows 7. my sys specs. RAM 4gb ddr2 generic. motherboard Zebronics ZEB-G31 it is...
  4. japmeet

    Need help with Ethernet controller after yosemite upgrade (Macbook pro 7.1, 2.66Ghz)

    Hi, a few months back I upgraded my macook pro 7.1, 2.66ghz, to yosemite via the app store update thing installation (I made a bootable USB and formatted the hard drive and installed yosemite fresh) Ever since then my ethernet has stopped working. Network panel under settings doesn't show...
  5. lima0706

    Ethernet Not Working

    Hi Guys, I have just done my first hackintosh latop, but having problems with Ethernet. Its connected and assigns the correct ip address from my router, but cannot connect the internet. Have a windows 7pc on the same network and works fine
  6. jmulchansingh

    Ethernet not recognized in Snow Leopard 10.6.3 installation, should I install Multi-beast to fix iss

    So as the title says: I finally was able to install Snow Leopard 10.6.3 successfully yesterday on my new hackintosh, but I have had no Ethernet. When you search the new hackintosh under ABOUT THIS MAC>MORE INFO>NETWORK>it says "No information found". Since the ethernet is not recognized in...