1. cloud1250000

    [WIP-Guide] Hp Envy 15-as133cl

    BIG THANKS TO REHABMAN FOR HIS HELP!!!! It would've not been possible without him! https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/hp-envy-15-as100-notebook-pc/12499192/model/12780757/ What's working : Audio Usb Wifi (replaced the wifi card) BT Backlight control and its related keyboard keys...
  2. sebasinparis

    Laptop reboots after sleep

    I will close the lid and come back to find that the computer has rebooted. Sometimes it takes a few minutes of sleep to cause a reboot, occasionally it takes an hour plus of sleep. I've tested it, by putting it to sleep and opening the lid every 20 minutes or so to see if it rebooted. And so far...
  3. raobennett

    HP ENVY 13 CORE I7 7500U (KABY LAKE)

  4. mherrera

    [Help] HP Envy 15-as002la HDD dont recognized

    Thanks to the all community for this amazing database of knowledge. Recently bought a brand new HP Envy 15-as001la with this specs.(Taken from Cpu-Z) CPU: Intel Core i5 6200U Skylake MOBO: HP 81CC with Insyde Bios Ver. F.08 RAM: 12 GB HDD: HGST HTS541010A7E630 GPU: Intel HD Graphics 520 I'm...
  5. malgorath666

    HP Envy 750-124 Desktop Hackintoshable?

    I have an HP Envy 750-124 Desktop computer. I'm deciding weather to sell or keep it right now and the big factor would be if I can install OSX on it. Its got the generic HP motherboard still in it. My questions are 2 fold. Is this machine hackintoshable and would it be better to remove the...
  6. TheDutchman

    HP Envy 13-d020nd

    Greetings folks. A few months back I bought myself a HP Envy 13. Due to school and designing I want to run Windows (personal use) and OSx(Designing). Having read a lot about the HP probook's being good candidates and the new Skylake processors being pretty compatible, I wonder if this little...
  7. xneidher

    HP Envy 15 Q002LA Compatibility

    Hello, I recently purchased a new HP Envy Q002LA laptop. I'm curious to install os x on my hp laptop. But don't know how to start.Can any one please help me on this?? http://support.hp.com/gb-en/document/c04329155 - My laptop config
  8. SageRhys

    HP Envy DSDT Patch (RehabMan)

    Edit: I followed all the steps at: http://www.tonymacx86.com/el-capitan-laptop-guides/168613-guide-hp-envy-haswell-series-j-k-q-using-clover-uefi-10-11-a.html And there has yet to be any change in Audio or Wi-Fi, I guess I did notice that his build has a different Wi-Fi and Audio so I have no...
  9. V1ck

    Truble with boot in HP Envy 15t-3200

    Hi there guys. After multiple atempts i cannot boot installation on my Envy. First it have lave a "lapic error" (Fixed it by adding cpus=1), then installation stuck on com.apple.applefscompressiontypezlib ready. Since there i have no luck. boot without injected kexts doesn't help =( . Hope...
  10. phcore

    How to install OS X on my laptop (HP Envy 17 j002eo) step-by-step please.

    I need step-by-step tutorial how to install OS X on my laptop. Actually i have Windows 8.1 and don't have access to mac. Can You say step by step how to install OS X for a newbie? MODEL: HP ENVY 17 j002eo CHIPSET: Intel HM87 Express Haswell Rev. 06 CPU: Intel Core i7-4700MQ (Haswell) RAM...
  11. alexo798

    Installing Yosemite to HP Envy 17-K218 with Clover - AppleIntelBDWGraphicsFramebuffer Panic

    So far I've followed this guide quite closely. http://www.tonymacx86.com/yosemite-laptop-support/148093-guide-booting-os-x-installer-laptops-clover.html The kexts I've included are FakeSMC.kext GenericUSBXHCL.kext RealtekRTL8111.kext VoodooPS2Controller.kext I used...
  12. 171621

    Black screen AGAIN after 10.10.4 update, please help!

    Black screen AGAIN after 10.10.4 update, found a temp solution AMD Radeon 7850M, successfully updated to 10.10.3 using fix method: http://www.tonymacx86.com/graphics/161511-radeon-hd-7750-xfx-glitchy-after-10-10-3-update.html Combo updated to 10.10.4, the screen went black again after loading...
  13. larnacoeurx

    WIFI replacement HP Envy 6

    So, my installation is working well and I decided to replace my wifi chip to Yosemite compatible one. I've read some threads about it, and I found out about HP Bios whitelists. Are these still implemented in the newer HP laptops ? I'm wondering if there's someone here who has some experience...
  14. elyavark9

    Boot Problem Yosemite with HD4000

    Hello, im new on this community and i have a HP dv6-7280la, im trying to boot the Yosemite installer but haves a black screen before "DSMOS has arrived"... i use these the default boot flags from Clover EFI and i added these " cpus=1 PCIRootUID=1" all of these i used to boot 10.8.3 but with...
  15. larnacoeurx

    HP Envy 6-1130sw USB and Beats Audio

    Hi, I recently upgraded my OS to Yosemite. Everything worked flawlessly with Clover and I patched DSDT for turning Radeon off, working battery status and native brightness slider. So I have 2 last problems: USB - 2 USB 3.0 ports - works, 1 USB 2.0 - doesn't work - which kext should I use ...
  16. poldo-ita

    HP Envy 17 2090el compatibility

    Hello there, I've just discovered this forum, I generally use to visit the Hackintosh site but there is not any forum... I was wondering if I could install any version of OSX on my HP Envy 17 (model 2090el). Specifications: -Intel Core i7 2630QM CPU @ 2.00 GHz (6 MB cache L3) -8 GB (2x4 GB)...
  17. wannabeapple

    dv7-7302sg Hackintosh help?

    I know Saekle has posted some info about how he got it working on his HP Dv7 Envy http://www.tonymacx86.com/members/saeckl/?page=1 But I can't really follow his methods. (newb) Can anyone point me to a step by step guide for this? (any build of osx) It's a wonder piece of hardware and I am...
  18. Feederiiqo

    Hp envy dv6 7280la

    Hello, how are you? I open this post to see if anyone has a guide or a way to install OS X on my HP Envy Mavericks DV6 7280LA with the following characteristics; I7 3630QM 2.4 Ghz microprocessor; 1600Ghz 8GB Ram, Nvidia GT650 2GB; Intel HD4000; Fingerprint Reader; Backlit Keyboard; HD WebCam...
  19. nytr0

    Enable HP Envy TouchSmart 15t-j000 Beats Audio

    Ok..I have an HP Envy 15t-j000 touchsmart quad edition laptop with Beats Audio. I am able to listen to sound natively using the AppleHDA kext. My problem is that i am able to listen to sound through the two bottom speakers but my two built-in top speakers and subwoofer do not work. I have...
  20. ecstasy

    HP envy dv6 7202tx is it compatible?

    I have searched the web and found out about other envy dv6 model not exactly the one I own. I have a envy dv6 7202tx. The hardware specifications can be found http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?cc=us&lc=en&docname=c03507177 so is my hardware compatible to run a Mac OS?