1. f.hans100

    [Solved] Problem with gIOScreenLockState 3 Issue

    Read my first comment for my solution Hello Hackintosh community. My Hackintosh 10.13.1 High Sierra worked perfectly fine for about two weeks. I think it has something to do with installing Virtualbox on it. After the installation of Virtualbox worked out fine the next time I restarted my...
  2. moog84

    [HELP] Set Ethernet en0 as built-in - To get App Store etc working

    Hi, There are a couple of things I am trying to sort out with my Sierra 10.12.6 build. One of them is getting the Apple services, but mainly the AppStore (not that bothered about iMessages or iCloud at the moment) to work. I have followed every guide on this forum and elsewhere online with no...
  3. TheInspiredEye

    iCloud not working?

    Hello! This is my first built Hackintosh and it's running perfectly. The only thing I can't get to work is iCloud/iMessage/Facetime/App Store, iTunes, etc. After reading a few posts I see I need to have ethernet set to en0.... So I just checked and It says I have no ethernet card attached -...
  4. techno_one

    HP EliteBook 8470P Networking- en0 ? or en1 ?

    Good afternoon all , I have a quick question about networking on the HP elitebook 8470p. Maybe some other have had this issue before. . My question is --- is it possible to swap en0 with en1 ? Since I have installed my wifi card, it has taken over the position of en0 . The Wired LAN...
  5. mm.sarap

    Success: P6x58D-E Mountain Lion, no network

    I have successfully upgraded from SNOW LEOPARD to LION to MOUNTAIN LION. The systems is stable. Unfortunately, network is not working. The "sudo ipconfig set en0 DHCP" that works in both snow leopard and lion does not work in mountain lion. When I enter this command in mountain lion, the system...
  6. cats2play

    Ethernet issue 10.7.3 P6X58D-E Can't sign in app store

    Gentlemen, Thanks to all your hard work, I've been able to build a working 10.7.3 system. My only issue is the app store. I can't login due to and "unknown error." After looking around the forums, there seems to be an issue regarding the ethernet setting. I have seen about 10 different solutions...