1. Campanis

    OS X Sierra 10.12.3 says its using Nvidia web driver but clearly isn't.

    I downloaded the correct driver for my system It installed just fine. restarted. It is using the default. I put the emu variable driver in DriversUEFI64 folder & restarted Nvidia says it is using the web driver but isn't. I have NvidiaWeb=true and I'm not using nvda_drv=1 Even though...
  2. stampoo

    [solved] panic, IOVideoFamily.

    Good evening, can you tell me what this panic can be connected with? It appears when the EmuVariableUEFI-64.efi driver is present, without it ROM / MLB is not injected into my system, as an alternative I tried ApitoMemoryFIX.efi, OsxApitoFixFrv-64.efi, it works only above, but when I turn it on...
  3. Herrscha

    EmuVariableUefi-64 NVRAM not working properly - cannot clear

    My build was working fine until I messed it up with Paragon HFS+ on my windows partition. After restoring my boot drive with DiskWarrior everything worked, but not the graphics anymore. I used the emulated nvram to get them to work the first time. Now there is a blackscreen when they are...
  4. moheban79

    [SOLVED] "Your computer shut down because of a problem" recurring message at login..

    Hi, I get this "Your computer shut down because of a problem" recurring message at login ever since I upgraded to Sierra. It's actually two popups. I have the option to cancel or open the apps loaded on last reboot. Crash Report points to com.Lacie.phxcd with dependencies on appleusb kexts. I...