1. superlions16

    eMac hackintosh - eMac II

    Here's my eMac mod I did over winter break. It has an i5-8600k, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, a 2TB SSHD, and a GTX 1050Ti. The mobo is a GA-H370N-WIFI with a BCM94360CS2 (that won't show up on both mac and windows, can someone help with that?) and it works great. And yes, I am aware that the bezel looks...
  2. MarinatedPasta

    Not a Hackintosh: ethernet on eMac

    So I finally got my first proper Mac, an old eMac G4. The only problem is I cant get Ethernet to work for the life of me. Because Apple support doesn't go as far back as Tiger, and hours of searching online hasn't led to a proper solution, I figure here, where people know an insane amount...
  3. Abuelo_X

    What to do with an old emac g4 1.25ghz?

    I recently bought a very cheap emac, updated its ram until 768mb wich some p4 spares and installed Leopard. It runs fine, and looks good (with some yellowed parts in the case) but I really don't know what to do with it, I mean, it can feed from another itunes library in the wifi and sounds...