elitebook 8460

  1. deconseven

    HP EliteBook 8460p MEGA SUCCESS!!!! But I need help with one thing :-o

    Hi Amigos! I just wanted to post my succesful attempt at Hackintoshing my EliteBook 8460p. About a year ago, I had purchased a used HP 8460p on Ebay for about 170,- €. It had had an Intel Core i5 2520, 4 GB RAM and a 320 GB Harddrive. I'd decided to try to Hackintosh it from the first moment I...
  2. Vmart

    Does anyone have a DSDT for Hp Elitebook 8460 that works with Snow Leopard?

    I have been trying to install Snow Leopard on my Elitebook 8460p but have been having a lot of trouble. Could someone help direct me through the process? Would be much appreciated. Also would it be any easier if i tried to install a newer OS X rather than have to update? Thanks.