el capitan 10.11.4

  1. giladi

    Post installation issues - El Capitan - Help needed

    Hey y'all, After having problems with the graphic on the sierra I decided to install El Capitan. I installed the El Capitan using unibeast and multibeast (with NV Inject). Everything is working fine, other than some graphic glitches and artifacts (GT 210). I searched the web and the forums, and...
  2. LinuxMac

    Sometimes I have audio and sometimes I do not El Capitan

    Hi friends, I do not know if this issue has been dealt with before, I suppose so. I was looking for it, but the specific problem I have I did not find it so I decided to ask it here. I have a problem with the audio of my notebook ie sometimes I have and sometimes not, example .. I do not have...
  3. ebyrock

    [solved] Asus UX305FA battery status

    Hi, After following the guide, I could't figure out the battery problem. There is a "x" on the battery status. It is currently running on El Capitan 10.11.6. If I install Sierra, this time my wifi card doesn't work (Dell DW-1560) along with battery indicator. The guide suggested that I need to...
  4. Priyabrata

    Unable to Install Kext files in hp Pavillion 15 p001tx

    hello all. my laptop model is pavillion 15 p001tx my ethernet(Realtek 8101E), touchpad(synaptic), keyboard, battry indicator not working... tried adding kext but still not working... all ethernet kext and app applied but nothing worked... and when i add kb and mousepad kext it show error...
  5. sjpapa2

    Cannot go passed Apple on: El Capitan 10.11.4, GA B150M D3H

    Hello, Following this guide, but after booting with the Unibeast USB, the apple appears, a progress bar later on, and freeze! Starting in verbose mode, stop at: AppleUSBLegacyRoot@: AppleUSBLegacyRoot::init: ebabling legacy matching although USB set to legacy disabled.
  6. Abolla

    Shutdown on El Capitan Hackintosh causes Kernel Panic - Bluetooth issues?

    Hello everyone, I've got a great hackintosh setup going which has served me well for the past few years. I haven't had everything working, suich as bluetooth and wifi. Recently I bought a bluetooth USB dongle and got it working with the IObluetoothfamily.kext files from 2013. I got these after...
  7. lambsangers

    Trouble reaching the El Capitan installer / Clover

    Hi everyone ! :) So here's a quick resume of my new baby: CPU: Intel Core i7-4930K (6 core) MotherBoard: GA-X79-UP4 BIOS Graphics: MSI GeForce GTX 980 (4GB) Ram: G.skill Kit Extreme3 4x 8Go PC15000 Sniper CPU Cooler: Noctua NH U14S HD: SSD 850 Pro 120Go Power: Seasonic G 550 Case: NZXT H440 So...
  8. edoerfel

    LG ultrawide 29' with GeForce GTX 760 BLACK SCREEN

    so, i have the LG ultrawide 29' with connected to my GeForce GTX 760 running El Capitan plugged via Displayport, I've tried HDMI and that doesn't work either. i can't get anything to show up on the monitor. its as if theres nothing plugged in. I've read you have to use diplayport to get higher...
  9. ICheeseful

    AMD Radeon R7 370 4 GB Compatibility El Capitán

    Hello. I would like to know if there's any issue on installing this graphics card on my Hackintosh.
  10. RockLee

    (Help) Trying to boot from M.2 Drive

    Hello, I am completely new to building my own PC. A beginner to Hackintosh and a white belt to software installation. After hours of struggling to get past the frozen Apple logo on the installation process, I ran into another ordeal. I recently purchased a Samsung 950 Pro M.2 (512g) after...
  11. RockLee

    (HELP) Trying to boot El Capitan from Samsung Pro 950 M.2 ssd

    Hello, I am completely new to building my own PC. A beginner to Hackintosh and a white belt to software installation. After hours of struggling to get past the frozen Apple logo on the installation process, I ran into another ordeal. I recently purchased a Samsung 950 Pro M.2 (512g) after...
  12. alsaadie

    Nvidia Geforce 9800 GT HDMI issue

    Hey There, I don't know if this is the right place to post my question, but I've been struggling for weeks trying to successfully boot my Mackintosh (El Capitan 10.11.4) using the HDMI port on my Nvidia Geforce 9800 GT, I've tried so many things, and nothing worked so far. I tried to install...
  13. Grampasso

    [SOLVED] Easy way to fix AppStore on El Capitan?

    Hi guys! After years I finally built an Hackintosh, I'm very happy with it and I love this community but.. I've a problem with the Mac AppStore (the login doesn't work), and I know I'm not the only one. I tried many times reading older stuff but I didn't solve that. Can you help me?
  14. gab69

    Magic mouse/keyboard not so magic

    I have El Capitan 10.11.4 working quite nicely, except that I haven't been able to figure out the bluetooth yet. I have a magic keyboard (2016) and a magic mouse 2; both connect well, but El Capitan does not seem to identify them correctly. No gestures work in the mouse (not even scrolling), and...
  15. Simon2060

    AMD R9 2xx/3xx flickering on El Capitan - FIXED?

    Finally found a solution to the flickering, horizontal glitch problem with my R9 390x on El Capitan. I read on one threat that the vBIOS can be modified to prevent the memory clock from reducing below a certain frequency, which meant downloading the vBIOS, tinkering and then either flashing or...
  16. BaDDoGi

    Kernel panic - Errno 5

    Hey guys, while starting the installation El Capitan 10.11.4 from USB the kernel panics. What to do?
  17. BaDDoGi

    Help on Intel i5 6600k / GA Z170N-WIFI / Asus GeForce Nvidia GTX 660Ti OC 2GB

    Hello guys, Hope you can help me out. I just bought a new setup for a more powerful Hackintosh than the one before, because I need XCode for work. My setup: - GA-Z170N-WIFI - Intel i5 6600k / Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO - Asus GeForce Nvidia GTX 660Ti OC 2GB - 2x8GB DDR4 3000 MHz Corsair...
  18. theajer

    Gigabyte GA-z170x-gaming5. No USB 3.0 and Memory not correct.

    Hi everyone, sorry for the post...I've been reading solutions and fixes to my issues for about 3 hours now and I feel like I am chasing my own tail. I've built a few computers here before with Yosemite and Mavericks...this is my first time using Clover and not as familiar as the old bootloader...
  19. Sparrow1029

    EVGA GTX 750 Ti & Gigabite Z170-HD3P

    Hi there, finally got an install to work on my Hackintosh! Typing this on my old iMac because I cant get network yet... :/ I'm using Skylake 6600 6M CPU as well. The problem I can't seem to find an exact solution to is that my graphics card is working with the OS X Default Graphics Driver, but...