el capitan 10.11

  1. barrywhite

    USB 3.1 Type C port on MOBO not working with El Capitan10.11.6 (IMAC late 2015 27-inch 5k retina setup)

    Hey, Sorry if this has been posted before (I did look high and low) I am a semi-noob - built this machine like 2017 kinda time. Have since altered/updated most notably the EFI file to inject the latest security updates on El Capitan and the m.2 NVME driver for the internal drive on the mobo...
  2. mamadmmv2

    El Capitan 10.11 stuck on Apple Logo and progress bar

    Hi everyone, I know this question has been asked a lot and I read as many as I could find. None helped so I decided to post my first thread. I successfully completed the installation process and when I try to boot using Clover, I see the apple Logo, it goes half way, mouse appears, a white...
  3. jemiller1963

    Request for Recommendation - Lagging Mouse

    A few nights ago I experienced the lagging mouse for the first time. 09/30/2018 was my successful install of 10.11.6 with all working fine. I had read about the USB issues but all was working well, so I did not edit anything. When the issues occurred, I read many threads on the issues users...
  4. Matthew92007

    R7 260x on El Capitan- Help!

    Hello everyone, I have recently acquired an R7 260x 2GB graphics card and would like to use it in a machine running El Capitan. Now strictly speaking, the machine is not a Hackintosh. It is a Mac Pro 1,1 with El Capitan hacked onto it. I found this thread before...
  5. harsham

    HP Elitebook 8470p El Capitan- Bluetooth - icon missing / not loaded

    After so many attempts i'm still not able to make my bluetooth working. Please help ! i have attached my clover folder BCM20702A0: Product ID: 0x21e1 Vendor ID: 0x0a5c (Broadcom Corp.) Version: 1.12 Serial Number: F4B7E2DD7447 Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec Manufacturer: Broadcom...
  6. brightxuh

    Dell Desktop El Capitan USB Booting Get Stuck after Apple Logo

    I have looked through all relevant articles here, but didn't get any satisfied answer. I created a OS X El Capitan (10.11) bootable USB by referring to this installation guide, and then tried to boot with it. I could choose "Boot Mac OS X from USB" on the first boot screen, but after Apple Logo...
  7. slovius

    [HELP] Unibeast El Capitan cant’t even go into installer

    Hi guys I have been trying to boot into the installer but it just gives me something like this: —————————————————— What could be the issue? I tried safe mode but it didn’t work. I am using a gigabyte B150M-D3V DDR3 motherboard running a intel core i5-6400 with just intel HD530 graphics
  8. Abs0lutZero

    Reboot loop with GT640

    Hi everyone I am having an issue getting the GT640 in my Hackintosh to work Here is my current setup: Intel DG41WV with latest BIOS Intel Pentium Q6600 Samsung 850 Evo 250GB 6Gb DDR3 1333Mhz(2 and 4Gb Modules) Nvidia GT640(Dual DVI,HDMI,VGA) I have managed to successfully install El Capitan...
  9. Fernando330

    [Solved] Can't Boot with nvda_drv=1

    CORRECTION: CANNOT BOOT WITHOUT NVDA_DRV=1 OR NV_DISABLE=1 Hey all, I recently just fresh installed El Capitan on my Hackintosh. I was able to go through all of my post-install with Multibeast 8.2.2; however, I cannot boot from clover without inputting either nv_disable=1 or nvda_drv=1. My...
  10. PranavVS123

    El Capitan On Acer Laptop

    Hey! I'm new to this so hello!!! So I have an Acer laptop powered by an AMD A6-6310 with inbuilt R4 Graphics (768 mb), 4GB DDR3 Ram and 500GB HDD. I really hate this laptop coz its too slow and I wanted make it into a hackintosh so that it maybe a more optimised and I could use Final Cut Pro X...
  11. mdkazz

    OS X El Capitan boots into a blank screen

    Hello Guys, I have clean installed the OS X El Capitan. Created USB bootable drive from the guide: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-booting-the-os-x-installer-on-laptops-with-clover.148093/ The installation went smooth. Everything was working fine. Installed CLOVER UEFI on my SSD...
  12. nirj11

    how to update Dell Inspiron 15 7559 from El Capitan to Sierra

    Hi, My laptop is already running El Capitan and it's full factually and I want to update it to MacOS Sierra. How do I do that? I can just download the combo update or I need to install everything again? Or there is some tutorial on how to update to Sierra? Thanks a lot! Nir.
  13. sam6110

    Audio problem in El Capitan Ecs h81 motherboard

    I have problem with audio my motherboard is ECS H81. I tried to fix audio by installing alc 662 kext and voodhoo HDA kext. But it doesn't fixed. please help me.
  14. sethi091

    How can i install Mac OS X Sierra on HP pavilion 15 p-235ne

    Hello there, i tried all way to install mac os x but couldn't help me to install any mac os.my laptop configuration is below. Thank you HP Pavilion 15 p235ne Memory - 16 GB Graphics - Nvidia Geforce 840m / Intel HD graphics 5500 Processor - Intel 5500U CPU @ 2.40GHz Hard Disk - SSD SAMSUNG...
  15. Shad0walker

    "Still Waiting For Root Device" - El Capitan . Please Help

    Hello. My Laptop has the component of my info string. I have only the GT 540M (without HD3000). My Bios is very limited (No secure boot,fast ecc options, only Virtualitation that i've disabled it). I'm followed the El Capitan Clover Guide of Rehabman. No VM for installer. I'm used...
  16. FullMetalDude

    [SOLVED] GTX 970 stopped working 10.11.6

    Hi guys, At the end of augusts 2016 finished my Hackingtosh build and got it fully functional. Had a lot of problems with my GPU only solution for me was to install the webdrivers when the gpu was removed. Since i don't have onboard video i managed to do the installation with an older card. A...
  17. ritzbitz00

    computer restarts during apple logo, before installer begins

    Hi, looking for help with a pesky installer restart issue. Clover boots to the apple logo, but then it restarts moment later. When using nv_disable=1 -v it reaches hibernate wake: no. Then creates a line of plus signs after a short pause, then the system restarts. I am running 10.11.6, but used...
  18. thumbthrough

    Sabertooth X79 - Mavericks to El Capitan or Sierra

    Hi Tonymacx86 community, I have a Sabertooth X79 with a GTX 680 that I want to upgrade from Mavericks to El Capitan or Sierra. Is this possible? Which would be easier? Do I need to do a fresh install or can I just update? Thank you!
  19. mulmulmul

    [Success]El Capitan - Asus B85M-G - i3 4170 - HIS 6670 2GB DDR3

    Main Components : 1. Motherboard : Asus B85M-G 2. Processor : Intel Core i3 4170 3. VGA Card : HIS 6670 2GB DDR3 Prerequisite Components : 4. Harddisk : SSD Samsung EVO 840 120GB 5. Memory : Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 (CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9B) 6. Power supply : Corsair VS450 7. Bluetooth ...
  20. websolx

    Lenovo G40-70 conexant audio driver for El Capitan

    Hello Everyone! I'm using El Capitan on my Lenovo G40-70 i3. After installation complete, I had problem with graphics, keyboard, trackpad, wifi. I have fixed all of them. But till now i couldn't figure out how to solve my Audio Problem. I have Tried to install many kext files searching from...