el calpitan

  1. adonmez234

    Synaptics PS/2 Trackpad - try this if VooDooPS2 does not work

    *** [UPDATE] Turns out the trackpad was ALPS. Thanks RehabMan. But it works with the fix I describe here. *** Hi all. I had great trouble with getting my Synaptics PS/2 trackpad working on El Capitan 10.11.6. Rehabman's VooDoo PS2 kext's did not work on my laptop. I could not use it to point...
  2. rexx0520

    Both SATA RAID Controller and NVMe SSD are not detected

    Hello. I have SATA Raid Controller(0x282a8086) and SSD(SAMSUNG PM951). I can boot into the installation menu,but disk utility detects only my USB drives In System Information,ATA/SATA/Hardware RAID/NVMExpress/PCI all says "This computer doesn't contain ***" My BIOS has no option to switch the...
  3. Apoesk21

    (Success) - First build! - GA-H97M-D3H, Intel Core i5-4590 3.3 GHz, 32 GB DDR3 2400 MHz, 500 SSD

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to share my first Hackintosh-build. It consist of these parts: 1x GIGABYTE GA-H97M-D3H - Intel H97 - Intel LGA1150 socket - DDR3 RAM - Micro-ATX 1 1x Intel Core i5-4590 Haswell Refresh CPU - 3.3 GHz - Intel LGA1150 - 4 core - Intel Boxed 1x Cooler Master Hyper T4...
  4. zaheralhashmi

    Almost 1 year unsolved Kernel Panic!! (can anyone help me?)

    hello guys .. I'm new to hackintosh setups , I installed OS X El Capitan 10.11.4 successfully on my PC by following tonymacx86 guides after installation completed , I Restart my pc (because its required to restart after installation) and I face this annoying kernel panic : please can anyone...
  5. Coaleb

    Cant Dual Boot windows 10 and El Capitan

    As in the title I can't achieve dual booting on the same ssd. I have checked to make sure windows is in uefi and it is. I have ran multibeast and tried clover standalone installer neither will show the windows partition after renaming the bootmgfw.efi File. I can get it to run if I use a usb and...
  6. krouma

    Lenovo U410 dual graphics

    Hi, I have recently installed El Capitan on my ultrabook. It's absolutely amazing but I'm missing working nVidia GPU. I have Intel HD Graphics 4000 (working but only 4 MB vram are showing) and nVidia GeForce 610M 1GB. I read that nVidia GPU is not usable in laptops from few-year-old threads but...
  7. robertzero

    Lenovo Essential G470 (59-066925) [2016]

    Lenovo Essential G470 (59-066925) [2016] BIOS 40CN33WW V2.19 BOARD 3000472301929 CPU Intel i3-2310M VGA Intel HD 3000 (8086 0116) AUDIO Intel HDAC / Conexant CX20590 (8086 1C20) WIFI Ralink RT3090 (1814 3090) LAN Qualcomm Atheros AR8152 v2.0 (1969 2062) DSDT extracted from MacOS 10.11.6 (El...
  8. l3acon

    Random reboot in OS X El Capitan | Gigabyte GA-Z170MX-Gaming 5 | Core i7-6700K Skylake

    Howdy all! I have been having hell of a time trying to figure out why my new hackintosh build just decides to up and reboot on me. It only seems to happen when the CPU is tasked with a lot. So for example, saving a photoshop document, the dang thing quits on me. Same with adobe indesign...
  9. rongrandia

    No USB at "Welcome" install screen - HAYLP! GA-X79 ud4 i7 3930k El Cap

    Mavericks was getting a bit long in the tooth, and I finally got the courage up to attempt a fresh El Cap install on my little beasty after re-visiting this tremendous resource/community here at Tonymac. Man, you people are amazing! Thanks so much for all you do for helpless noobs such as...
  10. Tdev

    Random Shutdown/Restarts with HP Elitebook g1

    Hackintosh randomly turns off or restarts. Also a lot of the time, the screen goes black and I have to shutdown my P.C. Also for some reasons after this happens, my wallpaper doesnt show up on my desktop.
  11. nomove

    Are engineering sample CPUs compatible to el Capitan?

    Hi all, I have installed 2 hackintoshes, one is my latitude e6440: Intel 4702MQ Q87M 12G DDR3 (4+8) HD 4600(with 8690M, but not driven) 64G SSD Intel I217L VoodooHDA el capitan 10.11.5 the other is my home PC: maxsun H81XL Intel 4590 8G DDR3(4+4, notebook module with adapter to desktop...
  12. ichris93

    Magic Mouse Stuttering

    After installing my GPU, I started to notice an issue with my magic mouse. Sometimes it works perfectly, sometimes it is stuttering and will not recognize a click or a swipe. Very annoying and inconsistent. I am using the BCM94352Z WiFi/BT card. No longer using the USB port limit patch...
  13. masterkai321

    Lenovo G480 Hackintosh Boot Hangs at 'AMFILoadTrust'

    Lenovo G480 (Clover Legacy) i5-3210M/HM76 HD4000 Hi, I've been working through trying to install OS X El Capitan on a computer I got from a friend, but am having a bit of trouble. I have been following the Unibeast install guide, using Clover Legacy. Originally the boot was hanging at 'PCI...
  14. sivaforzoho

    Install El Capitan without needing magic mouse

    Hi there, I'm trying to install El Capitan on my Lenovo g50 70 laptop. I have created bootable USB. After booting up, it didn't recognise the trackpad or keyboard and I couldn't proceed to installation or anything else. I'm just blocked by a screen which is asking for a Magic Mouse to be set...
  15. VirtualRecess

    KP from waking after sleep

    So i've been trying to find out what causes random KPs in relation to sleep/wake/shutdown. I have the majority of my rigs issues sorted out now as my system can sleep fine and only crashes once every few days when waking from sleep. Programs such as Google Chrome which by changing the flash...
  16. kaitoscopico

    GeForce GTX Titan X (maxwell) Davinci Resolve

    Hello Guys, it has been 6 months and haven't got any problem with my configuration. Now, I wanted to address some questions as I work with professional video and since working in Davinci Resolve with 4k red camera RAW footage i found a bit of problem with the GPU while...
  17. kaitoscopico

    GeForce GTX Titan X (maxwell) for Davinci Resolve

    Hello Guys, it has been 6 months and haven't got any problem with my configuration. Now, I wanted to address some questions as I work with professional video and since working in Davinci Resolve with 4k red camera RAW footage i found a bit of problem with the GPU while...
  18. ericdong886

    Y50 Dual boot UEFI Windows?

    Hi! I recently tried to install Windows 10 onto my y50 which already has El Capitan running. After I installed windows, the laptop boots straight into windows without ever going into Clover. Is there anyway to prevent this and let the laptop boot into clover first? Thanks!
  19. P1LGRIM

    [SOLVED ] El Capitan USB installer is not in the bootable devices list

    It is possible to download and install Clover : https://sourceforge.net/projects/cloverefiboot/ This guide may help you : http://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/test-drive-how-to-create-a-clover-usb.127134/ Please read the Rules and update your profile with the details of your hardware :
  20. nadermoshen

    lenovo ideapad 300 compatible ?

    I tried to go to the installer with verbose mode and got this screen please help