el calpitan

  1. IsaacAraujo


    Hi, everybody, I have an older pc, an Asus K72Jr. Which has an ATI Mobility 5470 Graphics. And I install in the last year Mac OS 10.9 with these graphics working fine, but I wanted to upgrade. So I install El Capitan, and its running nice with the Intel Graphics off the CPU. But I don't know...
  2. Gobol

    How to remap Fn+up/down to PageUp/PageDown ?

    Hi! I've found that key combination extremely useful for coding - it is default keyboard functions for Asus UX305CA that I've also hacked. I belive there's many options, but I'd prefer DSDT hotpatch approach if available :D (I'm using hotpatch approach to DSDT) Got hack Probook 450G2, 10.11.6...
  3. bicbo

    My graphic driver keep switching to default mac driver instead staying on nvidia web driver.

    Hello everyone,I instal nvidia web driver and i switch to that driver in settings. But when i reboot driver stay on that default driver. I am using Gigabyte GeForce GT 630 2048 MB. if someone can help me that would be awesome. (El capitan 10.11) Btw i am nooby for this hackintosh game,so i will...
  4. bicbo

    My graphics driver keep switching to mac os default.

    Hello i have problem with my graphics driver,i switch to nvidia web driver in settings but when i reboot,it stays on mac default driver.I use nvidia gt 630.Someone know what should i do to fix that?♥️
  5. pl2k

    Old 8800gtx graphics card has died. Need new replacement suggestions for El Capitan 10.11.2

    My old bfg 8800gtx graphics has died after 10 years. I have El Capitan 10.11.2 and have not updated since, a little apprehensive due to losing stability but open to it. I have tried an EVGA 1050TI 4GB in my system and it works although some issues with the card as I cannot install drivers...
  6. sam6110

    Audio problem in El Capitan Ecs h81 motherboard

    I have problem with audio my motherboard is ECS H81. I tried to fix audio by installing alc 662 kext and voodhoo HDA kext. But it doesn't fixed. please help me.
  7. waspss0

    [Solved] Dual boot W10 - 10.11.6 ALC 1150 sound problem

    Hi guys! I am posted this post because dont found the solution in the forum. I was a week reading all posts related and nothing. I have dual boot with El Capitan (10.11.6) and W10 in diferents SSD. The first to boot is OSX. My MB is GA-Z97-D3H. I have installed realtek ALC 1150, iMac14,2. My...
  8. doccykaaa7

    Full acceleration with Radeon R9 270

    Hello guys! I really need help in relation with using FakeID. I'm running El Capitan on my PC. I already used FakeID (frankly, just tried to). As you can read in the title, I have a Radeon R9 270. This is not an OOB card, and I'm aware of the fact, that I need to do some spoofing. I went into...
  9. doccykaaa7

    SOLVED-Need HELP with Realtek ALC889A

    Hello Everybody! I'm desperately in the need of help. I've been reading a lot about how to fix problems about not having audio, but didn't find help for my problem. I successfully installed El Capitan on my PC using the instructions I found here, on tonymac. Before I installed, I deliberately...
  10. vcorder07

    Bluetooth Issues

    Hi, I have a couple of bluetooth adapters the (iogear and the asus), and currently using the asus recognized on the system report with BCM20702A0 . But the problem that I'm having is that my trackpad and keyboard are acting up. Like there is a key press or like the trackpad is being press when...
  11. boss87

    Error install El capitan unibeast

    Hello ! I made a bootable usb with unibeast os x el capitan.When I try to boot el capitan,it gives me an error and restart.What I need to do to make it work ? My computer specs : MSI H81M-E33 8GB RAM DDR3 Intel Pentium G3220. gainward Nvidia geforce gt 430.
  12. thomasdu58847

    ASUS FX553VD

    Hello, Is the laptop ASUS FX553VD compatible? Intel core i5 -7300HQ (Intel Kaby Lake) (Quad-Core 2.5 GHz/3.5 GHz Turbo - Cache 6Mo) 6 Go RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (2Go) If this laptop is compatible, how guide i must follow to be sure to create a Hackintosh El Capitan? Thanks a lot
  13. thomasdu58847


    Hello, Is the laptop ASUS ROG GL543VD compatible? Intel core i5 -7300HQ (Intel Kaby Lake) (Quad-Core 2.5 GHz/3.5 GHz Turbo - Cache 6Mo) 8 Go NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (2Go) If this laptop is compatible, how guide i must follow to be sure to create a Hackintosh El Capitan? Thanks a lot
  14. jessyzaa

    MSI 16y1, Screen goes dark after "DSMOS Has Arrived" (10.11)

    16y1 aka CX680. On Yosemite Everything works fine. Core i5-2410m Intel HD 3000 No Dedicated NVIDIA GPU. Before ran to this problem Sys Def : MacBookPro8,1
  15. Cholo

    Just Need Some Ironing [Please Help]

    Hey All, Not sure if support still runs for this OS but I am praying! So I just need some help changing from iMac to MacPro. I can't install nvidia web drivers (I think) because of this. (makes sense to me as an imac would not have a 960 inside being an AIO) Also in regards to clover, how does...
  16. gulios

    Asus - UX430UA - Kaby Lake i7-7500U Intel HD Graphics 620

    Hi, After almost 3 months of searching, reading, fixing etc my Asus ZenBook works great :headbang: CPU, SSD M.2 and WIFI is native supported in new High Sierra. PM works great(battery around 7hours in normal usage). Generally i can say that it's perfect model for hackintosh laptop nowdays ;)...
  17. wymillerlinux

    Row of Pluses on Installation

    Hello tonymacx86, moderators, and the fourm, If I'm posting in the wrong section of the forum, feel free to move me, mods. :) I've run into quite the dilemma. Before you point me to ammulder's posts, I've tried many options to run the installer, the one's that I could find anyway; the...
  18. Javo610

    Optical DVD not working

    Hi I have install an ATAPI iHAS122 and its full recognized by the System (El Capitan), read CDs but not DVDs. I have try several DVDs with no success. I'm attaching a screen shot of the System report. Any clue? Thanks
  19. silvercentrurion

    BCM94352Z not working after 6months, no reason

    Hi all ! i have a hackintosh since a will now working perfectly but since 2 days i start my computer and Wi-Fi not working anymore ! The bluethoot never works, but the wifi do, and i dont try to update my system or install new kext or whatever .... I'm running Dell Inspiron 7759, OSX El...
  20. kourmpanas

    Graphics Card Advanced Settings

    Hello I have build successfuly an El Capitan Hackintosh. Its an HP xw6600 with 2 Quad Core CPU, Nvidia gtx750ti, 14gb Ram. Everything is running good Ethernet, Nvidia web drivers, software...everything is ok. But when I try to run Unreal Engine 4 seems the graphics card is not enough. Thats not...