1. thekhaz

    EFI Partition to small is there way not load on different HD

    So i currently dual boot Ubuntu/Windows 10 with Windows 10 on an SSD and Ubuntu on a 1tb HD. I would like to use clover to boot El Captain from the SSD but the EFI partition is 100mb and there is no unallocated space on either side of the EFI partition. What is the best route for me to load El...
  2. chris_staite

    [SUCESS] El Capitan on BIOS-based GA-EX58A-UD3R

    I was struggling to get a working boot after installing El Capitan on my previously working machine. I could boot from the USB but after installing Clover Legacy-Root or Clover Legacy the HFS option to boot from the El Capitan drive disappeared. I think this has something to do with the boot1h...
  3. Ledorub

    Partition HDD in El Capitan

    Hi guys, I'm trying to install MAC OS X El Capitan on my PC. I have one HDD (500GB) without partitions on it. EFI only. I need to create one partition JHFS+ 220GB. And other space keep as free (without partitions). I can't do it in El Capitan Disk Utility, how can i perform it using terminal?
  4. daftpunker

    install AMD FirePro D300 UEFI Bios in my AMD FirePro W7000

    Hey So I bought a AMD FirePro W7000 and Currently have it running in my Mac Pro 2009 4.1 along side my EVGA GTX 980 SC so my Mac Pro is boubling as a workstation and Gaming desktop. The W7000 is great for the OpenCL stuff like FCPX but it would be nice to have the Apple Logo back at boot up and...
  5. cdahl7

    Clover bootloader on non EFI partition? config.plist changes not taking

    Hello, I am struggling with some things regarding clover and the config.plist to summarize: I am on ML 10.8.5 and have been using chimera for quite some time. I recently decided I was going to switch boot loaders and hopefully upgrade to 10.11. I created a test usb and got that working. I then...
  6. jarlenfos

    Successful installation, but I'm unsure of a couple of things.

    Hey all, Thanks to the installation guide and some settings from other users on the forum I managed to get my system up and running with Yosemite without issue. It's my main work machine and it has been smooth sailing since I finished it up. Specs are: I7 4790k GA-Z97M-D3H 32GB of RAM GTX750...
  7. dbmuzz

    Stuck on boot after El Cap install

    Disregard specs in the sidebar...that's my old Hackintosh. Today I'm Hackintoshing a different one, a new Skylake one. I'm using a ASRock Z170 Pro4 ATX LGA1151 Motherboard with a 6700k -- taken right off the April buyer's guide. I'm following the El Cap instructions here to the T...
  8. Cryptoconomy

    USB drive not in bootlist after attempted mount from installer terminal

    I have a custom mac, went straight down the buyer's guide for recommended hardware. First hackintosh obviously. I first installed Antergos to try it out and everything went relatively smoothly and i had it running. Went down the installation guide and started the computer from scratch to boot...
  9. cdahl7

    Clover Mountain Lion EFI Partition switch from Chimera

    Currently running 10.8.5 ML. Want to upgrade to 10.11 so trying to switch to clover. Followed the El Capitan Install Guide http://www.tonymacx86.com/el-capitan-desktop-guides/172672-unibeast-install-os-x-el-capitan-any-supported-intel-based-pc.html I'm using the most current version of clover as...
  10. rahuliscool

    Cant Boot OsX EI Captian from hard disk.

    I tried all method shown on tonymacx86 website but can't boot my OS X directly from my SSD. I was using my installation USB drive to boot OS X EI capitan on my lenovo z570. Today I tried to start my hackintosh but it didn't start. I, Later found that my USB device was not getting recognised in...
  11. PepsiMan

    Clover Configurator- Which EFI?

    I have a pretty successful install of 10.11.4 but need to get iMessage working. So, running Clover Configurator is needed. Which EFI do I choose of the 3 EFI shown in the configurator (see attached pic) How do I make the config.plist writable as I get the 'You don't own the file' error when I...
  12. superMario78

    Clover will only boot from USB

    So... I have OS X El Capitan installed on a 100 GB partition along with Windows on a 380GB partition. My disk is formatted as GPT. I load OS X using an MBR formatted USB with Clover on it for the sole purpose of it being an emergency bootloader. OS X boots fine using that. I then downloaded...
  13. Toemouse

    [Help] Clover theme will not change no matter what I do

    System specs: Yosemite 10.10.5 i7 4790k MSI Z97 PCMATE GTX980 (using DVI-D to HDMI cable if that matters) 16GB RAM I have had a hackintosh setup for almost a year now, I recently wiped my whole system and did a clean install of Yosemite. My clover theme will not change from the glaring blue...
  14. A

    Mac Os X : Clover dissapeared

  15. SimplyRyan

    efi driver for PS2 trackpad in clover boot environment?

    I've been looking for a solution for a while. I have one laptop, a thinkpad T440 that the trackpad functions properly in the clover bootloader (this is before boot when you select which partition to boot) On my other laptop, and MOST laptops I've tried for that matter -- the trackpad does not...
  16. migigenDK

    Windows refuses to install

    Hey all y'all i'm beginning to get really frustrated with my hackintosh. My setup: Z170x-ud5 th (bios f4) 240GB ssd UEFI Windows install boot usb I am trying to get it to dual boot El Capitan and Windows 10 off of my one ssd which is partitioned in 2 GUID partitions (extended journal & fat...
  17. grimmwerks

    Post install booting issues; can boot from unibeast, not installed hard drive

    First off - longtime listener, first time caller... though not really; haven't posted in years. I've got two nice hackintoshes that I've had since about 2009 buzzing along well. The i7 with gigabyte P55A-UD3 motherboard was acting up -- I've had many installations that I would update with no...
  18. kikami

    Reconstruct the EFI partition without data loss

    [Guide] How to Reconstruct the EFI partition without data loss Notes: After hours spent in forums, providing solutions that were not solutions, such as backing up and wiping... I decided to venture into the Windows side of creating an EFI partition. I found one guide detailing how to put back...
  19. a1337

    Picopng.c, non-recoverable error, system halt

    After changing the background.png in the Extra folder, I realized that Chimera didn't support resolutions of <1080p. I identified the problem, but had no way to fix it. I've tried using MacDrive, but it does not allow me into the EFI partition on the disk, so I can resize the background.png. Is...
  20. thug

    Mac OS X Partition not UEFI?

    Installed El Capitan per instructions here, but cannot boot without the USB drive. I've tried several remedies, including copying USB EFI/Clover contents to the same dir on the OS X EFI folder, and reinstalling Clover via MultiBeast 8.0.1. Then I noticed something on my BIOS Boot Menu...