1. MrCabana

    Can't get Clover UEFI to load

    I managed to setup a triple boot (Sierra, Win10, Ubuntu) on my machine and everything went fine until I decided to upgrade Ubuntu to the newest version (Yakkety Yak). After that, rebooting took me directly into Ubuntu's grub menu instead of Clover's. I then went into the BIOS and chose the "Mac...
  2. lordxiniog

    Audio not working on Sierra 10.12.1

    Hi everyone. A month ago or so I could finally update to Sierra, though I had to do it using a MacBook Air and my SSD as an external drive (with the iMac14.1 configuration set by Clover Configurator on the Clover plist). Everything went fine but the audio. I read a lot but nothing...
  3. joshj23

    [Solved] No boot without usb

    After successfully installing osx sierra, i can boot with the usb, but without it i cant. when i boot my motherboard says: no bootable device – insert boot disk and press any key i have tried using multibeast to install the bootloader but that didn't work. i also tried to use this...
  4. DeltaUnit38

    Unknown problem with EFI mounter and Multibeast

    Hello So after I have installed my MacOS installation, I noticed my sound didn't work nor did my GPU, even though I used Multibeast for the sound drivers and the Nvidia web driver for the GPU. Now when I tried to reinstall the drivers through Multibeast, an error came up that said the...
  5. onibla

    [HELP] ASUS ROG G53SW Sierra + Clover

    Hi guys!!! I try to install Sierra on my Laptop ASUS G53SW. Hardware: CPU: Intel® Core™ i7 2630QM Chipset: Mobile Intel HM65 Express RAM: 8 G SDRAM GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 460M 1.5GB GDDR5 VRAM LED backlight and 1920 x 1080 ( Full HD ). I have test different configuration of config.plist...
  6. kSilva

    Clover Folder in Multiple Hard Drives and EFI partitions

    I have 3 hard drives installed in my hackintosh. One is for OSX, second is for data and third for windows 10. I tried mounting the EFI partition and noticed there was one in each hard driive and inside each EFI folder there were the APPLE, BOOT CLOVER, CLOVER_INSTALL_LOG.txt folders and files...
  7. p0mmeluff

    Clover doesn't list any kext files

    I am about to update my El Capitan install to Sierra, which is my first mayor OS upgrade on a hackintosh. As stated in the direct update guide, I am supposed to copy all kext files from "10.11" to the "Other" folder. But as you can see in the attached screenshot, there isn't even a single kext...
  8. tonyloco

    [Solved] Clover can't mount EFI

    Hi there, I'm using Sierra GM normally, but I noticed that Clover can't mount EFI. Does anyone get this problem?
  9. p0mmeluff

    Unable to boot OSX though UEFI. AsRock, Dual Boot

    Hi guys. I managed to install 10.11.6 on my PC (UEFI mode) and used MultiBeast for the post install setup, installing the Clover v2.3k r3423 UEFI Boot Mode. But my UEFI menu doesn't show any entries to boot from. No Clover, no Windows, nothing. I have to boot OSX though the Clover boot loader...
  10. MrCryze

    Can't boot OS X without USB Drive

    Hello guys, I just install OS X El Capitan and Windows 10 on the same drive and I can't boot on OS X without using my USB Drive. My bios only shows my SSD and Windows Boot Manager. I tried to install clover on Macintosh HD and my EFI drive but it still boot in windows. Maybe I did something...
  11. gabriel777

    Can't boot into windows from Clover but can do from Boot Options

    Well these are the steps I followed: 1. Installed OSX on my main SSD 2. Disconnected main SSD and plugged in a secondary one. 3. Installed windows 10 on the second SSD. 4. Plugged OSX SSD back, along with Windows SSD. 5. Placed OSX SSD (Clover) as the priority drive in UEFI settings. Now what...
  12. blushift

    OSX not showing up anymore.

    I have EC installed and running fine until I went into W10 and removed some files (music) from my Mac drive and now the EC boot option won't show up in clover anymore. My setup has EC and W10 on different drives each with their own EFI partition, the fact that clover loads up indicates that the...
  13. metacollin

    [TOOL] EFI_Mount - UUID based, works even when diskX numbers change.

    Hi, I got fed up with the inconsistent device names for drives/partitions in OS X (meaning, which disks are given which /dev/diskX device nodes are up to the whims of the SATA bus and can change with every reboot) and the absolutely terrible way Clover Configurator handles this fact. Making you...
  14. dm5n

    [Success] Legacy BIOS EFI boot + Sound

    Successfully installed Sierra and booting from EFI partition on my test drive, but at this time only after turning off the other drives in BIOS settings. Copied kexts from my working El Capitan drives's EFI partition and put them in new folder '10.12' and deleted all the other folders in...
  15. willishutch

    trouble booting up

    So I have successfully installed OS X El Capitan. I was getting a kernel panic while booting the installer that I fixed by checking the "Inject EFI Strings" option in Options/PCI devices. Everything else has gone smoothly, but every time I boot up the machine, I need to navigate through the...
  16. kmanleafs

    Can't boot into Clover [Details Inside]

    Hey Everyone! So I installed OSX 10.11.5 via Unibeast. Then post-installed with MultiBeast. Clover was installed to ESP but it wont boot. When I boot, it boots into Windows. HDD is GPT and Windows is UEFI. Also, in my BIOS boot menu I have three options, the default is Windows Boot Manager btw...
  17. teddy_john

    El Capitan on Skylake weird behavior, HELP!

    Hey Guys, I'm running El Capitan 10.11.5 on my Hack. Everything works well, or most things. But there are some details like sometimes I order to shutdown and averything dissapears from the screen,and only the wall papers remains..and never shut down.. I just have to do it manually. I have 4...
  18. juanmtome

    After-Install kernel panic [El Capitan]

    Hey, I managed to install El Capitan on a HP G42 consisting on an i3 and intel graphics as well as an atheros wifi card but Im getting kernel panic and Im not quite sure which options I should check in clover, I attach a photo of the kernel panic, maybe someone can help! http://imgur.com/tZCytqz
  19. thekhaz

    EFI Partition to small is there way not load on different HD

    So i currently dual boot Ubuntu/Windows 10 with Windows 10 on an SSD and Ubuntu on a 1tb HD. I would like to use clover to boot El Captain from the SSD but the EFI partition is 100mb and there is no unallocated space on either side of the EFI partition. What is the best route for me to load El...
  20. chris_staite

    [SUCESS] El Capitan on BIOS-based GA-EX58A-UD3R

    I was struggling to get a working boot after installing El Capitan on my previously working machine. I could boot from the USB but after installing Clover Legacy-Root or Clover Legacy the HFS option to boot from the El Capitan drive disappeared. I think this has something to do with the boot1h...