1. jackowski

    Playback skips and freezes in iMovie and Davinci Resolve.

    Hi, Until now, I used MacMini 2012 with 2.5 GHz i5 processor, 16GB RAM, SSD and Intel HD4000 graphics. I build my Hackintosh to improve iMovie editing. I am very pleased with the overall operation and stability. I thought the new Hackintosh would be much faster than my old Mac Mini (i7 8th gen...
  2. amitkool21

    GPU for Gopro 4K videos editing

    Hello, I have just bought a Gopro hero 7 black and I want to edit its 4K videos, but they are not importing to the gopro studio/QUIK app .... I guess it is because of some graphics issue...does anyone know anything about that...??
  3. Amuraviev

    Need help to choose graphic card for 4k video editing machine

    Hello all, I need your advice on graphic card. I’m trying to build a machine for 4k video editing and color correction. Went through a few websites including this one and came up with options below, but still have doubts about graphic card. I’d like to go with 8 or 11 gb card budget...
  4. delicious

    Intel 6700K + NVIDIA 1060 6GB - how to make 4k editing faster?

    Hi all, I have an Intel 6700K on an Asus z170 pro gaming, with an NVIDIA 1060 6GB all inside a Fractal node 202 case with a Cryorig C7. My main use for this machine is editing in Adobe Premiere. So far it has been pretty quick and handy but recently I've started doing some 4k Multicam editing...
  5. RiverD

    Need advice about compact & quiet components for 4K video editing

    Hi, I want to build my first hackintosh and before I do, check here with the community. The build should be compact & quiet with many parts hopefully working OOB or without to much hassle. A simple case with no lights flickering is welcome. I’m not concerned with overclocking. I’ll use it...
  6. julio764020

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 TI FOUNDERS EDITION VS Sapphire PULSE Radeon RX 580 8GB

    i trade the geforce 1080ti for some items that i had and that is how i got this card, but i try to play on windows gta v with ultra and i was lag a lot . i use also final cut pro x for editing 4k content. and logic pro x for music production. and i did some research that the sapphire card is...
  7. BabySeale

    GPU Acceleration in Premiere: GTX 770 or HD 7950?

    I am building a hackintosh for my sister for video editing. She edits in Premiere Pro. As I am new to hackintoshes, as well as OS X, I was wondering which of these two cards was better for GPU acceleration: the two gb 770, or the three gb 7950. Will either even work? Please leave suggestions for...
  8. DiegoAvilanFranco

    I'm New to this Hackingtosh stuff

    So, i've never even built a PC and I know building a Mac has more complications, but I want to have a Mac where i can edit video, use the Adobe Suite and just multitask without it being slow at a reasonable price, so I wanna know how much time and money it would take to create such Mac. I would...
  9. DRGNZ

    Potential Build Problems? (Weird mix of hardware)

    Hi I'm an Editor/Colour Grader and have been mainly using my Macbook for editing but would love to use my old beast again but don't like editing in windows. I want to create a dual boot system of OSX for editing and then a Windows boot for gaming. I have all the parts listed bellow but would...
  10. Moose9287

    4K+RAW Video Editing Setup

    Hello Hackintosh Genius'! I am looking to build a killer 4K+ RAW Video editing setup. Apple is just taking too long with their desktop tha tis likely to be very overpriced and proprietary. I need some advice. I run Adobe Premiere and the entire Suite, Some of Maxon Cinema 4D and also FInal...
  11. joesvacanta

    Audio/Video making-editing

    Hi everyone, as said in the title, I'd like to build my very first hackintosh for audio and video making/editing I was thinking of: CPU: Core i7-7700K RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport LT (16GB) CASE: Corsair Carbide 300R PSUS: Corsair RM 650x Watt DRIVE: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB + Seagate...
  12. D

    Cintiq compatibility

    Hi There, I was searching the forum and didn't come across similar questions, so here goes, I'm thinking of building a hackintosh that would be primarily used for my design work (photoshop, illustrator) and some video editing, possibly 4k (after effects, final cut pro x, maybe premiere). There...
  13. tkan

    Slow video editing performance

    Finally got my hackintosh up and running. The problem is the performance with 4k footage is painfully slow when using Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve. Playback skips, freezes, and crashes both programs, and rendering video takes twice as long as my old Mac Pro. I'm using an i7 6700k and GTX...
  14. DavidStLouis

    mATX 4KRawColorGrading>DITStation>MinorStreaming/Gaming

    Hey guys, New to this site, but heard and notice its the best for hackintosh's. I'm building a mATX machine for Primarily 4K raw color grading&editing, - portable DIT station(I'll be building a portable cart/bag to move the computer around when I'm working on set wrangling data and...
  15. NerdNation9

    Buying Advice - First Timer

    Hi ! I am new to Hackintosh, and I wanted some advice on what I was considering purchasing. I decided to go for the CustoMac Budget ATX. My computer will strictly be for editing software such as Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere, and Avid. I would like the computer to run fairly quick and have...
  16. SamFuller

    motherboard for 10 camera concert

    I'll be cutting a 10 camera shoot and am considering building a Hackintosh to handle the load. I'm totally new to this, so forgive me if this is a basic question, but is there a motherboard that handles thunderbolt well? I was considering running the media drives off two RAID 0 Thunderbolt...
  17. SM1984

    Building Kaby Lake Editing Machine. Parts List Included

    Hi guys, I recently purchased a fully-decked out Macbook Pro w/touch bar. It was the 15" 2.9GHZ with the 460 graphic card. It was supposed to be a beast of a machine....and it was, when it worked. But, I returned it due to a faulty GPU. When it did work, it handled 4K prores footage like a...
  18. ted.xue

    build a 4k video editing workstation

    I want to build my first workstation for 4k video editing. I mainly use final cut pro x. I do not have any experience for set up computers. After i did some research in this forum, I have a rough list of accessories: CPU: Intel Core i7 6700K 4.00 GHz Unlocked Quad Core Skylake GPU(*2):XFX...
  19. Damy77

    Hackintosh for video editing 4K

    Good morning to everyone in the forum. I wanted to build a hackintosh to edit video in 4K with good / excellent performance, my baget and between 1000/1500 € Calculating that possess the following material to use 1° SSD 480 GB, 1° HDD 4 TB and 1° HyperX Predator PCIe SSD 960GB with adapter...
  20. iAlberto

    Which Components for 1700 Euro Video Editing Hackintosh

    I know how to build, but dont know which parts :D should have wifi, m2 ssd. and i would like to dualboot with windows. i just want a hackintosh without kext problems.. thanks