editing video

  1. JulianM95

    Cheap xeons

    Hey everyone! Well, I'm a content creator on YouTube, and I would like to edit my videos on final cut pro. I'm from Argentina, and MacBook and that stuff are VERY expensive, so, I would like to make my own hackintosh. I would like a cheap build, with 32gb of ram, a cheap xeon (from AliExpress)...
  2. eatmorechocolate

    Buying advice GPU Vega 56 vs GTX 1080 and Thunderbolt 3 for editing/color grading workstation

    Hello there, I enjoy reading this site and I am thankful for the community here sharing there knowledge. I am on my way to build my first hackintosh. I am an Apple user for over 15 years. I left windows to have a computer for working without having problems with the computer. That really has...
  3. PDE

    Elite 8300 for video editing -- GFX Card needs.

    Quick question about video editing, if anyone can help me out. I've ordered this machine, an HP Elite 8300 i7 SFF 16GB RAM, because I need something quick and functional, and it seems fairly easy to get up and running. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074N91KLN/?tag=tonymacx86com-20 My...
  4. HASbeenhere

    New hackintosh for video editing. Advice wanted!

    Hi, I'm looking to build a hackingtosh for video editing, and I got a friend to create a list of parts he thought might be good. But we are a bit unsure. I have limited knowledge about computers, and my friend is not completely sure about what to look for when building a editing computer...
  5. redirt

    Video Editing in 2.5K Raw from BMCC

    My first hackintosh here. I want to edit in Premiere CC 2015 with 2.5K footage, I find it to be laggy and jumpy, even at 1/8th speed. What is the best way to update my system to run this footage so I don't waste too much time. Also if you have ideas about using Resolve I'm interested. It seems...