editing and gaming

  1. DRGNZ

    Potential Build Problems? (Weird mix of hardware)

    Hi I'm an Editor/Colour Grader and have been mainly using my Macbook for editing but would love to use my old beast again but don't like editing in windows. I want to create a dual boot system of OSX for editing and then a Windows boot for gaming. I have all the parts listed bellow but would...
  2. NewbieEditor

    Buying advice : IPS screen for video editing for less than 300eur

    Dear editors on Tonymacx, What screens are you working with ? What would you advise me to buy for less than 300eur ? I´m looking for an IPS screen for less than 300 eur (or 2 screens for less than 300 eur each), that doesn´t hurt the eyes too much when working for long hours. I´m looking for the...