1. SNorton

    << Solved >> Web browsers not working after Big Sur upgrade

    I just did an upgrade to Big Sur on my Hack and it seems to be OK, except that I cannot open Safari or Edge. Other apps open fine - Mail, Clover Configurator, Photos, etc. I did a clean install of Catalina 10.15.5 on my Hack. It was working fine. I had sound, It would sleep, etc. I upgrade...
  2. congoman

    need some help stuck at apple logo "no nvram"

    Hi, after a long time i would try to get macOS mojave running on my pc. As far as i know the hardware is not the best to try this. I have a msi mpg z390 gaming edge ac motherboard with a nvidia geforce 1050 ti. I know that this card will not be supported by nvidia and mojave. Maybe i can switch...
  3. jeffry123

    Strange flashing at the edge of finder bar

    Hey, I have strange flashing at the edge of finder bar. It look's like that: And it's making bigger, smaller, flashing - it's annoying. Tryed with nv_disable = 1 and also happens. Motherboard: ASRock Z170 Pro4S CPU: Intel i7-6700 Skylake GPU: Intel HD 530 - at Mac info showing that it has...
  4. kaipilla

    Lenovo Edge 15 wifi

    A while ago I managed to install El Capitan on my Lenovo edge 15. I got the keyboard and trackpad working and even the touch screen I think. However, while trying to get the wifi to work, i accidentally deleted a file names EFI (I think). My laptop wouldn't boot after that so i had to do the...
  5. XzTS

    Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 0578-CTO Compatability

    So one of my sisters had a ThinkPad [until her BF got her a MacBook Air] that she doesn't use anymore. I'm wondering if it's capable of being a Hackintosh. [CPU shows up in BIOS as one physical CPU with two cores; Windows shows 4 cores total; CPU has four threads] Here's the specs: I'm...