1. 808Jordan

    RAM to add to compatibility list!

    G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM Desktop Memory (1600 MHz, PC3 12800) has worked wonderfully for me! I first bought the "2 x 8 GB" for a total of 16GB but have just recently upgraded to the "2 x 16 GB" for a total of 32GB. My build is the very user-friendly, inexpensive and...
  2. ArchiDeep


    Hi , I'm new to the world of Hackintosh , but it seems to be the hidden place for wonders. I'd like to build one that would support El Capitan and Windows 10. I'll mainly use the mac side of it for recording purposes on PT12. Which one should I go for ? if you have lower budget and higher...
  3. yungyulli

    Dual boot on any laptop with dvd/cd drive caddy

    hey, anyone who wants to dual boot on a laptop im just putting it out there that there is a thing called a laptop hard drive caddy. You can put a hard drive in it and put it in the place your dvd/cd drive would be. then you will have 2 hard drives.(one in the normal spot and 1 in the dvd caddy)...
  4. Moviemaykr

    Can anyone explain the easiest Hackintosh Build for beginners.

    I'm looking for an almost plug and play build where you don't have to install any kexts or mess with any files. All I want to do is use UniBeast and MultiBeast to have a stable machine built for light editing. Please give me links or examples of the most simple version to build that is...
  5. Ciel

    [Guide] The Straight Forward El Capitan Guide + Multi-booting

    Hello everyone, Now that I was coming off Yosemite and my SSD failed and had to totally redo my system, I wanted to finally put together a guide that is more simple to me than other guides I've gone through. Something more detailed and cohesive. Hope it helps!! At the bottom of my guide I have a...
  6. Otuku

    Success report: 10.11.5 | GT 740 | Unbrand BT | EP-N8508GS

    Hi all, As a complete noob to hackintoshing, I'm pretty proud of myself for getting this working. Here's some details of the build. It should be noted that if you are also a new hackintosher, you should really look into this fantastic guide written by morpheousman, it's what I used for most of...
  7. mylifeatadiscount

    Easiest post 2013 laptop under $500 to Hackintosh w/ Yosemite - Suggestions?

    Easiest post 2013 laptop under $500 to Hackintosh w/ El Capitan - Suggestions? Hello community! I wasn't sure if I should post this here, but this seemed like the most logical place. My Acer Aspire v5-572 just died recently. A screw came lose in the case while it was on and appeared to have...
  8. Logan Grey


    I find I enjoy helping other OS X self builder's and enthusiasts with their systems after I've been helped many times myself by this very community. This is a "straight to the point" guide, not "how I did it guide". HERE WE GO This guide has no guarantee it will work for you as it...
  9. iDimix

    Asus P5QPL-AM old Board+Mavericks

    Hi Ive successfully installed 10.9 on The asus p5qpl-am Cpu= Intel e6300 dual core ram= 4gb WD hdd 500 Gb Bootloader chameleon 2.2! very important Unibeast method +multibeast install the chameleon boot loader to an older hdd to be able to boot from it in to the installer - boot...
  10. P1LGRIM

    [SUCCESS] Maverickintosh - Z77-DS3H Rev.1.0 F9 - i5 2500K - HD6850 - 16GB - ML 10.9

    [SUCCESS] Maverickintosh - Z77-DS3H Rev.1.0 F9 - i5 2500K - HD6850 - 16GB - 10.9 P1LGRIM's Maverickintosh - Z77-DS3H Rev.1.0 F9 - i5 2500K - HD6850 - 16GB - Mavericks 10.9 Components GIGABYTE GZ-X7 Black Middle Tower Case : Amazon-UK Alpine 650W PSU 120mm Lo-Noise Red Fan 4 x...
  11. ajw822

    Why didn't I have a hard time?

    Hi, I have a BIOSTAR G41-M7, and a bunch of forum posts I read said that I would have a hard time. My build is as follows: Intel G41 Chipset nVidia Geforce 9800GT 1GB RAM 4GB 800mHz DDR2 200GB 7200RPM IDE HDD (runs surprisingly fast) iBoot + MultiBeast Snow Leopard only thing I couldn't get...