1. HJRR

    << Solved >> NetScaler MPX 10500 Successful install DUAL QUAD Intel E5450

    I successfully installed Sierra on the Citrix NetScaler MPX 10500 (DUAL QUAD Intel E5450) 32 GB RAM, using internal Nvidia 4000 graphics. 1) Be sure to remove any CRYPTO Boards... not needed. I left the 2 x 4 port 1Gb SFP port boards and the 1 x 1dual 10Gb ports. 2) Made installer USB from...
  2. M47k0

    High Sierra install cant boot P5Q-E + E5450

    Hello, I'm new into this type of stuff so please bare with me. I found this thread which I followed, but without success... :( I got stucked in boot. Tryed 2 GPU's Nvidia GT220 and ATI HD5750. Both of them hangs on same spot. I don't understand lot of that flags and settings so maybe it is...
  3. stemo

    Mavericks success on Dell vostro 220s w C2D but Harpertown Xeon upgrade stops OSx boot

    Hi, Ran fairly typical unibeast & multibeast install on the Dell 220s vostro, works fine, but when I replace the 2ghz C2d with an E5450 Quad Harpertown OS X won't boot anymore - screemshot below. The E5450 is modded as per http://www.delidded.com/lga-771-to-775-adapter/ and with that chip on...