1. ak-78

    Mojave on Intel DX79SI

    Hello everybody! I'm currently running Mavericks OS X 10.9.3 and want to do fresh instal of Mojave on different SSD. I have successfully created USB drive UEFI Boot Mode with Graphics configuration for nVidia. I'm able to boot into UniBeast installer, however it wont let me run OS X instal only...
  2. cheviot

    Cant boot mavericks install with current Unibeast

    Cant boot mavericks install with current Unibeast DX79SI System: Intel DX79SI, 3930k, Nvidia GTX 560 System boots from USB drive and displays gray screen with dark gray apple. The spinner never appears. After a minute or so the screen goes black and my monitor reports no signal. Same...
  3. cheviot

    Problems during and after install with DX79SI and 3930K

    Good day all, I installed 10.7.4 using Unibeast, and updated to 10.7.5, but even during the installation things weren't quite right. Symptoms: 1) when launching programs the icon zoom animation freezes with the icon about twice the size of the actual icon. these phantom icons stay until...