1. wajdideutscher

    D-Link DWA-131 on Catalina?

    Hey everyone, I think I am in trouble I just bought this Wifi Dongle D-Link DWA-131 and it Works fine on Mojave and Sierra, but on Mojave it told me This App Won't be working on future macOS updates, but it still works on Mojave when I installed the BETA Version of Catalina the Installer...
  2. MAU9550

    [Working] D-Link DWA-131 REV.B USB Wireless Adapter on El Captain

    Hey guys, just passing by to help. I have a D-Link DWA-131 REVISION B USB Wireless Adapter, and i'm successfully using the REV E official driver to Mac OSX 10.11 (found at Australia & New Zealand official D-Link website), which works fine on El Captain, allowing you to use the system WiFi...
  3. brainstormer

    DWA-131 weird problem

    [SOLVED] DWA-131 weird problem Hi, I just finished installing Mavaricks on my PC. I am using a single HDD with only Mac OS X on it, no Windows anymore. I was using the DWA-131 USB adapter to connect to Internet wirelessly earlier. Since I coudn't find a driver for Mavericks, i decided to...