1. TheLetterH

    RX 570 and RX 5700 XT together

    Planning on getting an RX 5700XT, I have an RX 570, my monitor uses DVI-D, I was thinking of using the RX 570 for the Display and RX 5700XT for it's power. If I use RX 570 for my display, will my hackintosh not use the RX 5700XT?
  2. dsdev

    Blank Screen with DVI cable on Catalina 10.15.5(works with VGA)

    I installed Catalina 10.5.5 but HDMI and DVI are not working when booting. It works only with VGA cable and I tried several patches but it doesn't work. I attached my EFI folder and hope someone could help me. The last log before blank screen with DVI and HDMI cable are: IOConsoleUsers: time(0)...
  3. Behzadsh

    Solved > Is a DVI to HDMI converter a good option?

    Hi, Currently, I have a dual monitor setup, one with HDMI and another with DVI. The monitor with DVI is old and small and I decided to replace it with a newer model, but unfortunately, most of the available monitor does not have DVI port. And as I remember Hackintosh has issues with VGA ports...
  4. pipolamenace

    HDMI port working from Motherboard, but DVI and VGA are not

    hello, My config file is attached. I am using a Gigabyte Z270-HD3 as my motherboard, and using a i5 7400 as my CPU + using the iGPU (Intel HD 630). Everything works fine on my hackintosh (newly updated to Mojave). Except that when the PC sleeps, it will shutdown on wake, but that's for another...
  5. pthon

    Trouble with second monitor DVI

    Hello! I want to connect a second monitor via DVI, but the Mac OS does not see this monitor, it shows "No signal". The first monitor works with HDMI. In BIOS igpa I tried to turn it off and on. DVMT I put 1024mb. When i hotplug DVI monitor my PC reboot, i have kernel report: My configuration...
  6. HabichtBonzo

    Imac G4 1873 External Display

    Hi! i have a problem. The Displayconnector from my Imac g4 broke off from the motherboard. Now I am trying to make am external Display out of my Mac. The problem is that I can’t find any tutorials on the 1st gen 15“ Imac. How do I connect the cable from the Imac to a Dvi connector? Does it work...
  7. jcbroncanoc01

    High Sierra doesn't boot when a DVI link is connected, only HDMI [Nvidia GTX 970]

    Hi! I have installed High Sierra on my PC with the next configuration: - Gigabyte GA H97M D3H - Intel Core i5 4690 - Nvidia GTX 970 4 GB - 8 GB RAM System works fine, even graphics and sleep... but only with one monitor connected throw HDMI. If I try to connect another monitor with a DVI link...
  8. Kaspian

    Secondary DVI screen not working alongside HDMI screen

    Hi there, My Hackintosh is working pretty great with my Asus HDMI screen, but I can't hook up a secondary screen via my motherboards DVi - port. When booting up both screen are active and both mirror the clover startup screen. But when I boot into my machintosh HD the DVI screen drops out...
  9. GustavoUHD

    does a DVI-D to HDMI adapter work with Mojave? (HD 630)

    i would like to know if i would be able to get working graphics/video signal if i connect my DVI-D monitor in my HD Graphics 630 by using a DVI-D to HDMI adapter My motherboard is a H110M-H DDR3, and it just has VGA and HDMI My monitor has VGA and DVI-D connectors
  10. deeveedee

    Mojave with dual-DVI Monitors

    I'm thinking about purchasing an AMD RX Series card for my HackPro 5,1. I have two displays with DVI inputs currently connected to my NVidia 9800GT. Will the RX card be able to drive dual-DVI displays and if so, what RX output ports / adapters should I use? Thank you. EDIT: I was looking at the...
  11. Segmaster

    Quick question about 15" iMac G4 DVI Conversion

    Hello all. I've been working on a 15" iMac G4 conversion for some time now. I've gotten around to the display portion and using the various pinouts I've found online, managed to successfully get the backlight (& dimming) working. I am now working on the TMDS portion, but have run into a snag. I...
  12. segr3do

    Intel HD 4600 forcing Dual Monitor via DisplayPort

    Hi, I've been using the Intel Graphics to replace temporarialy my Nvidia GPU on Mojave until we get full support from Nvidia drivers. Sleep and Shutdown, both restart my computer (a thing that doesn't happen with Nvidia) and my biggest problem it's that my computer is detecting two monitors...
  13. improbable

    Nvidia drivers - freeze at login screen?

    I've just built my first hackintosh, following the buyer's guide and installation instructions here. It's an i7-8700 in a Gigabyte Z370P D3, pretending to be an iMac14,2 with High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G65). And it basically works. I have a graphics problem which I can't find on the list, for a...
  14. Walucard

    HDMI scrambles video output

    Hello again, gents. I'm having some problems getting a dual monitor situation set up on my hackintosh running high sierra 10.13.3 I have the 6870 Reference Card, GA-Z77X-UD5H Motherboard, i7-3770K CPU ATIConfig=Bulrushes, ATIPorts=5, ß Duckweed Framebuffers Whenever I plug an HDMI in trying...
  15. enrysnemeth

    problem with gtx 1050 dvi and quick sync

    i have a hackintosh dual boot with i7 6700k and a gtx 1050 from Asus 2gb and 16gb 1x16gb ddr4 2667mhz all mounted on my msi z170a gaming m5 (my first hackintosh with a gtx graphic) i follow all kind of guides until i gel all working... -first thing to achieve: need the quick sync or hardware...
  16. imatrix

    [Solved] Desktop shows up only with 2 displays connected (HDMI+DVI)

    Hi guys, my first real mackintosh, thanks to forum I solved lot of problems and now I have stucked with weird one. High Sierra shows up only when I have connected 2 displays. Workflow: System starting with 4K Samsung TV via Club3D DP-HDMI adapter Loading Apple logo, in the half of loading -...
  17. Spinstar

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 TI DVI Not Working (ASUS)

    Hi There, I have Sierra 10.12.6 and I have the NVIDIA Web Drivers 378.05.05.25f01 installed. When I plug into HDMI it displays correct, but I am trying to use multiple monitors and I need the DVI Ports to be available. My SMBIOS is the iMac 14.2 Any tips? Still up for this, it gets a...
  18. WahlyWorld93

    No DVI Output on NVIDIA GTX 960

    Hey Everyone, I recently purchased a 2009 Mac Pro and upgraded it to 5,1 firmware and Sierra 10.12.6. For the sake of those who find specs helpful in isolating the problem, it's the 2.66Ghz 8-core, 24GB RAM, Booting from an OWC SSD drive in a PCIe slot. I also put in it a Nvidia GTX 960...
  19. jomatthe

    Booting will not finish with Apple Cinema Display 20" connected

    Hi All! On previous builds I've used this monitor without any issues when it was connected to a PCI-E discrete video card. Recently switched to using on board video and now my machine won't finish booting with the cinema display (DVI) connected. Never had any issues with my UEFI sierra...
  20. Clarenceee

    HD530 can't driver dual screen(HDMI&DVI)

    HI!My motherboard(B150 MORTAR) has three interface(HDMI&VGA&DVI),the HD530 can drive normal when you can only choose one in HDMI and DVI,I want to had a dual screen,and what should I do?Thank you for your reply!I just want to say:"Thank you ! Thank you very much!"...