1. hunter14

    dvd drive error (not burn!) help me!

    what is this! (error code -1) ? ?? ?? ?
  2. zero21xxx

    [Solved] DVD Burner not Available

    I recently did a fresh install to macOS Sierra and everything went smoothly. However, I just realized my DVD burner is not showing up anywhere in the system. The drive opens and closes (indicating power) and is listed in BIOS (indicating data). I have used the latest MultiBeast and installed...
  3. John.Omega

    HELP!!! ASUS Notebook-SKU

    Hello, I just spent the entire day trying to dual boot my ASUS using the Retail Snow Leopard DVD and iBoot 3.3. I have tried many of the Boot Flag commands listed on the forums and YouTube unsuccessfully. The furthest I have gotten is seeing all the Apple extensions during an attempted boot...
  4. dims

    OS X El Capitan accessing periodically DVD

    Hi, I am a noob now. I installedOS X El Capitan and clover on my PC by detailed instruction. It works, but I have a problem with periodical (every 15-20 min) accessing to my LG DVD drive from the OS X. There is no disk in the drive. OS was installed from flash drive. DVD: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM...
  5. ldclan

    CD / DVD Drive not mounting

    Hi there, I Installed Yosemite (fresh install ) (Mobo GA-B75M-D3H i5 3570K) and got everything working except for the CD / DVD drive. it is recognized in disk utility (it even lets me open and close the tray using the button in Disk Utility), but for some reason, no disk ever gets mounted in...
  6. thecarlosphoto

    USB Superdrive needs power

    I'm trying to use an apple USB Superdrive with my El Capitan CustoMac build, but everytime I plug it in it says: USB Device Needs Power Connect "Apple USB SuperDrive" to a USB port on this Mac. Any suggestions or alternatives?

    Intel Nuc i3 won't play netflix

    Intel Nuc i3 won't play netflix. :banghead: It is showing that I have a HD5000 graphics and the system is showing as a MacBook Air. Wouldn't this really be more like a Mac Mini? I also believe that the actual graphics is HD4400. I also have a 40" Samsung tv hooked up to it through the Mini hdmi...
  8. abfinger

    DVD Drive

    How do I get my Hackintosh to recognize my DVD drive?
  9. spurrin

    GSATA for DVD is cool, right?

    Hi! I haven't posted in a while but after a few days of "lost productivity" installing some new backup drives I found myself out of SATA ports and decided to move the DVD drive to the GSTA port. Any concerns? It seems to read just fine... I put in a CD and played and ripped a couple music...
  10. tian

    DVD drive makes random noises

    Hi, I just installed Mavericks on my rig according to http://www.tonymacx86.com/mountain-lion-desktop-guides/85632-gigabyte-x79-ud3-installation-post-installation-guide-3.html and it works really well, buuuut the dvd drive makes weird noises every now and then, as if it's checking for DVDs...
  11. windoofs

    I can not click on the "install" button -- Please help

    Hello Community, I have a small problem with my Hackintosh project. My Mouse is not working, but the Keyboard. I can boot Snow Leopard but I can not click on the install button. I formatted the hard drive with the terminal in hfs+ Format. Know someone the solution for my problem, maybe withe...
  12. Mr. Par

    DVD Drives make annoying sound

    Hi. I have a really really annoying problem with my drives... I built a hackintosh a couple of weeks now, and I have came across with many problems which I've solve till now but this is a really frustrating one and I can't find any solution. My DVD drives do the startup / initialization sound...
  13. microdroid

    Mavericks on first Hackintosh (Haswell) - where to get the OS from?

    Hey guys - I didn't know where else to post this, so I thought I'd put it in here, if it's the wrong place, please just move the thread. My question is: I wanna buy a new PC this fall, and as I'm mainly gonna use it for video and photo editing and I'm pretty sick of Windows, I figured I'd try...
  14. sweet1eaf

    DVD/CDROM not working after clean new sysyem install

    I just finished re-building my most awesome Hackintosh Frankentosh. I tested everything except for dvd. I am trying to use it for the first time since the new system install. Does not recognize it in the system profile. The DVD ROM has been working great up until the new install. I searched for...
  15. tlittle

    IR proximity module used as DVD eject button on G5 mod

    I've been reading up on the mods I can make and came up with an idea I don't even know will work. I am going to remodel the inside of a DVD drive that I have right now to act as a hot swap for a 2.5" HDD. I was hunting around and found an IR proximity module that is made for the Arduino boards...
  16. orchards

    Unibeast on DVD?

    Is it possible to install Unibeast/ML onto a dual layer DVD? It doesn't seem to recognize the blank disk in the destination selector. Cheers
  17. Carmentalian

    MSI P55A-G55 - SATA II/III issues

    System: MSI P55A-G55 Intel i5 760 MSI GTX 460 1GB Corsair Dominator 2x2GB Seagate HDD (SATA III) LG DVD drive (SATA II) OS: Mountain Lion 10.8.2 So, my motherboard has: - 6 SATA II ports by Intel P55 chipset - 2 SATA III ports by Marvell 88SE9128B1 - 1 IDE by Marvell 88SE9128B1 After...
  18. g33k0

    Bluetooth and IR inside a DVD-Burner? Works!

    Hey there :) This is my first post in this forum and English isn't my native language - so please be kind :thumbup: Just finished a small mod to make my Hackintosh more Mac mini-like. My Hackintosh is in a Lian Li PC-Q07 in black and has a fitting LiteOn-DVD-Burner. I wanted Bluetooth and IR...
  19. Mario9999

    Installation without optical drive HELP!!

    I see people keep showing their builds that don't have an optical drive. Mostly on ITX cases. How do they install everything then if they don't have an optical drive for the iBoot CD and the Snow leopard DVD? Is this a stupid question? Please, I need to know, my parts are about to come and I...
  20. vakatack

    Hackintosh only recognizes one DVD Drive?

    I have 2 Sony Optiarc DVD Drives (Same exact thing) but my Hackintosh only recognizes one for some reason.. Is there any way to fix this? The drive opens and everything but it doesn't read it.. Both work perfectly on windows so the problem is definitely with OS X.. Thanks in advance - Eric --I...