dvd drive

  1. shivanshs9

    Random Freezes in Public Beta 3

    My Mojave hackintosh had been working great, with no crashes. I updated to Catalina Beta 3 (19A501i ) today. After fixing the EndpointSecurity, the updated OS successfully booted - touchpad, battery, everything worked. But, later, some random freezes started to happen without any noticeable...
  2. SandyM2017

    [Solved] External DVD Drive Not Recognised

    Did my first build early last year and really pleased to get everything working eventually. Since then I have updated MacOS a few times and recently discovered that my external DVD drive is no longer working, or even recognised. Not really sure where to start so any ideas and wisdom would be...
  3. JordanOrlando

    USB 3.0, internal optical drive on ASUS P9X79/i7-3930K/Clover/Sierra

    Hello all! First time poster with my first Hackintosh -- apologies for any novice mistakes in posting. I bought this machine already configured, paid a guy to upgrade to Sierra (remotely using TeamViewer); I subsequently messed it up (rendering it unbootable; long story), cloned and re-formatted...
  4. Javo610

    Optical DVD not working

    Hi I have install an ATAPI iHAS122 and its full recognized by the System (El Capitan), read CDs but not DVDs. I have try several DVDs with no success. I'm attaching a screen shot of the System report. Any clue? Thanks
  5. Pepperbox

    [Solved] Slim Slotload Optical Drive Issue - El Capitan / Skylake / Z170

    Hello everyone! This is my first post, so hopefully I do this right. Anyway, I just just got my first hackintosh up and running thanks to you guys, running OS X El Capitan 10.11.6. After much lurking, I was able to get most of it working on my own, however, the solution to my optical drive...
  6. cardcomm

    Valid DVD Drive could not be found - El Capitan

    Hi, I've just upgraded my machine OS X El Capitan with the clover boot loader. I've gotten all of my hardware working. And even my dvd drive is recognized. But I'm still getting the "Valid DVD Drive could not be found" error when trying to play .dvdmedia files. I've already replaced the...
  7. Epicjoshy123

    My DVD Drive isn't Working Anymore?

    This is my first Hackintosh build and i have Mountain Lion up and running fine accept for audio (i'm going to get a sound card) and myDVD drive. I know I won't be using it often but it would still be nice to have working as I have many movies I would like to watch. I have a gigabyte B74M-HD3...
  8. crystalsound

    Choosing the proper CD Drive

    i was wondering whats the general rule of thumb when it comes to cd drives? can you use any kind you want or are there only a few that are supported? the one cd drive that caught my eye was one made by sony.
  9. justein230

    DVD-RW Drive for Mavericks Hackintosh

    Hi, I just purchased the DVD drive listed under accessories in Tonymacx86's buying guide, because I thought it had burn support. Turns out it is unsupported. Where could I find a DVD drive that has burn support for my Hackintosh? This is crucial for my system. (I bought the Optiarc drive, not...
  10. nullgt

    DVD Drive's tray open automatically when boot

    [Fixed] DVD Drive's tray open automatically when boot <Problems> When I boot the OSX(when spinning circle with Apple logo), the DVD drive tray opens automatically. It happens both by booting via Unibeast USB and via Hard drive. Even if when booting in safe mode. If a disk is already inside the...
  11. MrEnglishTech

    A Sony Optiarc DVD Drive alternative?

    Finding it pretty hard to hunt one down! Anybody got any suggestions as to a alternative that doesnt have any issues like sleep/wake etc?