1. Pineapple68

    Ghost disks in clover screen (or duplicated disks)

    Hello, I finally managed to install Windows 10 on a separate disk as well. Note: To be able to install Windows 10 I had to physically disconnect NVME disk with Mac OS. Now I have 3 disks including a NVME with Mac OS and clover, an archive disk and a disk with Windows installation. The problem...
  2. tbjem0013

    [GUIDE] How to fix multiple/extra boot options in UEFI/BIOS if you also have Windows

    If you have Windows and OSX on different drives, this is an easier solution to the multiple boot option issue than going into clover console. In OSX: 1. Download and use EFI Mounter utility to open EFI and go to the BOOT folder. 2. Rename BOOT folder to LAUNCHER 3. Reboot to Windows In Windows...
  3. kimjayy

    Boot entries duplicate on clover boot

    Ok so this is strange. I'm running an Asus Maximus Ranger Z97 board with a 4690K and I'm dual booting El Capitan on one SSD & Windows 10 on a seperate SSD. Everything seems to be working fine, I can boot either OS from the clover bootloader without errors or bypass the bootloader entirely with...
  4. fknchino

    Strange 'UEFI OS' Duplicates on boot selection

    Not sure if this has been answered before, I wouldn't know what to search otherwise. I've been starting to notice a build up of 'UEFI OS' when I'm prompted to select my boot drive. Furthermore, I believe this eventually prevents my system to even post and I'd have to take off everything within...