1. Optiplex68

    Post Installation: How manage the graphics with gt 610?

    Hello there, A bit new to hackintosh, and sick of other OS .. I would like to know what i am missing to make my hardware work properly. I got a MSI H81M P-33 motherboard, an intel core i3 3,4GHz CPU, and a ASUS Geforce GT610 2048mb, and a SSD. My problem is that i don't succeed to do a dual...
  2. Biggs59

    R7 250X / HD530 Dual monitor help

    MOBO : Asus z1701 pro gaming CPU: I7 6700K GPU : r7 250x RAM : 16gb Profile : 17,1 First Hackintosh build, everything went great thanks to the instructions of the TONYMACX86 Guide (dude is raw) however i've ran into some issues concerning graphics My IGPU HD530 is now seen hd7000 7mb Vram...
  3. Bastafari

    Macpro 2011 Sierra, dual screen not working

    Hi lads, I've signed up to this forum because I've got a problem thats killing me and I can't find the solution on google.. After El Capitan I've had numberous problems with my Titan X Graphic card, flickering screens and dotted pixels etc. Updating drivers helped, but after a while the Mac...