1. da_el

    I lost my EFI partition?

    Hi, this may sound akward but I cant find my EFI partition or my boot.plist anymore. Its been a while since I last put Yosemite to my system. Back then I read some manual here on tonymacx and decided to go for an installation where I seperate my win disc and my mac disc. After that I remember...
  2. BlitzIsDead

    Can't format second partition with Disk Utility Instalation.

    So I have recently accquirted a 1tb SSD, and put over 250+gbs of steam games on it, and decided to partition the other half to use to dualboot Sierra. However when going through instalation all I see is my usb, so I decided like many suggested, to use disk utility. After seeing my correct...
  3. vealal

    DualBoot- Sierra on Preexisting Windows 10 w/o a Mac?

    I am a Hackintosh and Dual Boot novice and I need some advice. I have a preexisting system running Windows 10 Pro from an HDD. I would like to install Sierra on my separate SSD. As I look through tutorials, it seems fairly evident that I need a Mac to create a bootable USB with Unibeast...
  4. ramiroquiroz

    Dual boot windows 10 with macos Sierra

    Hey there! First of all, I'm sorry guys, I'm pretty new in this forum, and I was wondering if theres a way to dual boot my laptop (with windows10) (lenovo y50-70) with mac os Sierra without formating my hard drive so I don't loose any of my data?... Heres a picture of my disk management Here...
  5. ericdong886

    Y50 Dual boot UEFI Windows?

    Hi! I recently tried to install Windows 10 onto my y50 which already has El Capitan running. After I installed windows, the laptop boots straight into windows without ever going into Clover. Is there anyway to prevent this and let the laptop boot into clover first? Thanks!
  6. anotherguy

    In which order to go with El Captan + Windows (Legacy, BIOS)

    Hello forum, I already runned OS X Yosemite on my machine and wanted now to dual boot it with Windows and El Capitan. My system: - i7-920 @ 2,6 GHz - Asus P6T SE - 3x 4GB DDR3 Ram @ 1333 MHz - Asus GTX 970 - 2x 1TB HDD I'm running currently Windows 10 on the first drive and the second is just...
  7. DeltaUnit38

    Possibilty of removing Clover

    Hello First of all, I would like to apologize in case I broke a rule of copying my post on another section since no one responded there and I think this section is correct for this question. I have a question regarding the clover EFI bootloader. Now I want to dual boot my Windows 10...
  8. raulebalda219

    Can dual-boot Windows from Clover but not directly from SSD

    Hi. Yesterday I installed OS X El Capitan using Clover UEFI on a separate SSD from the one that has my Windows 10. Now both are UEFI and after messing with Clover a little bit I finally managed to boot Windows 10 from Clover. The problem is that somehow I lost the ability to boot Windows...
  9. Miles.Conn

    AsRock X99 Extreme 4 Support Clover?

    Hi, I have been really wanting to turn my computer into a hackintosh but I've been struggling to find a complete guide. I understand that AsRock are maybe not the best boards for this endeavor and X99 definitely does not make it easier. My current system is AsRock X99 Extreme 4 5820k Gtx...
  10. mitchvitali

    Clover Windows Dual Boot

    Hi, I moved from Unibeast to Clover and I run El Capitan in his last version. I have two SSDs, one for Mac OS and one for Windows. It worked well with Unibeast, but now with Clover I can't run the Windows partition. How can I make it run again? I have also another problem. When I try to...
  11. csann1

    How to dual boot without erasing?

    Hey! I want to install hackintosh on my computer, i have a harddrive of 1TB which is seperated in two partitions C and D is it possible to install hackintosh on disk D without erasing any data on C and making dual boot work?
  12. 11212

    OS X and Linux dualboot?

    Hi! I have one pendrive with the OS X installer, and one SSD in my laptop with the OS X installation. I want to try some Linux distros, but i want to keep OS X too. Is it possible with one pendrive?
  13. vasilispapatha

    Having trouble hiding Volumes in Clover.

    Hey there, I am new in Hackintosh Community but i have make 2 systems in the past one year. With the other systems i installed osx into one drive and i used the whole pc with just this drive. Simple enough if you can make osx work with your setup. This time i tried to install El Capitan in my...
  14. Raibbl

    How to Dual boot El Capitan Hackintosh & Windows 8.1 [GUIDE]

    so I made a video on how to Dual boot El Capitan & Windows 8.1, I worked really hard on this . I hope you find it informative ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmt4wYMXqgE&feature=youtu.be
  15. kumar159753

    Lenovo Z500: dual boot Windows 10 & Yosemite

    Hi all, I would like to dual boot my laptop with Yosemite where in it is already having windows 10 installed. I have tried in several ways but failed!! can anybody please guide me on installing Yosemite (along with downloadable links if any). I am having a separate partition to install...
  16. Kyler

    Can GPT disks dual boot with windows?

    Can a SSD I format as GPT at Mac Install (Say I partition it in to 2 partitions using Disk Utility, one Journal Extended and one MS-DOS) be used to dual boot with Windows? Like will the Windows installer recognize it/will I be able to install Windows right on that partition? Or will it only work...
  17. japichad

    laptop Dual boot Windows 10 and Yosemite 10.10 (boot0ss: Error)

    Hii .. guys i wanna dual boot windows 10 and yosemite, but i got an error after install yosemite for the first boot "boot0ss: Error", then i just get in yosemite by using usb installer .. i try with "dd if=/usr/standalone/i386/boot1h of=/dev/disk0s6" (installed the yosemite on this disk0s6)...
  18. F4LL3N

    Boot Chimera from GRUB menu

    I have a working installation of Ubuntu (it loads by default) AND A working installation of Yosemite (i can get to that by holding down F12 at startup and selecting to boot from my 'Install Yosemite' USB. How do I add Chimera to the GRUB menu?
  19. F4LL3N

    Yosemite not showing up in GRUB menu

    I have a machine where I installed Yosemite and Ubuntu. - When I boot normally (from the HD) my computer boots into Ubuntu. If Ihold shift during startup and view the GRUB menu, the choices are Ubuntu or memtest and no Yosemite. - If I choose to boot from my USB Unibeast, the bootloader is...
  20. gadgettvpl

    Hi. I want to build a cheap hackintosh to expand in the future

    Hi. I want to build a cheap hackintosh to expand in the future it must be dual boot. chose such elements. Are they good? CPU Intel G3258, future 4690k Mobo ASUS H97M-PLUS Ram GEIL DRAGON 16GB/1600MHZ PSU Corsair RM550 SSD crucial mx100 250gb OS X Yosemite SSD crucial mx100 250gb Windows 10 1x...